Understanding Shipping Estimates in CEP Industry for better customer experience

Shipping Estimates: The Ultimate Way to Supercharge CEP Deliveries for Better Customer Experience

Determining the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is one of the most vital components of a Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) business. While considering the logistics part, every customer wishes to know when they can expect the delivery to arrive. Any business that doesn’t offer shipping estimates is losing out on a huge chunk of customers already.

However, if you’re already doing so and still find it challenging or just wish to get started, this article will help you understand everything your CEP business needs to have for determining ETAs. Calculating shipping quotes includes various factors. This consists of parameters other than cost of shipping and considering all of them for multiple shipments becomes a cumbersome process. Hence LogiNext helps you in offering accurate shipping duration estimates for customers at the best price. Let’s understand how it happens.

Understanding the importance of shipping estimates

Shipping estimates or ETA refers to the prediction of when the shipment will arrive at the desired destination. The ETA is calculated based on factors such as the distance between the source and destination, mode of transport, time expected for delivery, and so on.

2 major factors on which efficient shipping service ETA calculation is done include: 

Time: While the customers wish to know exactly when they can receive the order, the major parameter i.e. time for shipment estimates is calculated based on two factors including the time in transit and the time spent in handling the shipment.

Money spent: Along with the shipping time estimation, the cost incurred by the customer includes the estimated cost as well as the actual cost for the shipment to reach the destination.

Determining the accurate shipment duration estimates for customers can be a cumbersome task which is where LogiNext offers a helping hand.

How can LogiNext help your CEP business in determining the shipping cost estimation and shipping time estimation?

LogiNext offers the best way for CEP businesses to deliver their shipments successfully in every possible way with accurate ETA calculation and shipping estimates for all the scenarios including one-day delivery, express delivery, and on-demand delivery by providing rate charts depending on the nature of the shipment. Here’s how the shipping estimates are calculated for any delivery depending on when and where it needs to be delivered.

Shipping cost estimate at LogiNext

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Benefits of choosing LogiNext for offering shipping estimates for your business:

A successful CEP business needs to focus on multiple factors like time, type of shipments, cost involved, and more.

Enabling Better Customer Experience with LogiNext’s Shipping Estimates:

LogiNext's Shipping Estimates benefits with better customer experience

Accurate Delivery Time Estimation- Customers choose shipping partners depending on the accuracy in terms of the costs involved and the timeliness of their deliveries. For various delivery times, the shipping cost keeps on varying. However, determining this required lots of calculations happening at the backend and the end result is the accurate delivery time estimate shown on the screen.

Accurate Shipping Cost Estimation– Calculating shipping costs can be tricky if all the possibilities like the product type, means of transportation, and the urgency of delivery. LogiNext helps in calculating the shipping cost estimates for various scenarios like express delivery, one-day delivery, and on-demand delivery.

Ease of API Integration for Shipping Estimates– With LogiNext’s GetQuotes API, it becomes easy to integrate with any platform and determine the shipping costs. It can be eCommerce site, booking shipment site, or any other platform. The convenience of fetching shipping estimates in no time makes this API integration highly valuable.

How does it work?

By simply entering the essential information like the weight of the shipment, delivery type expected, and the location details, the system gives out the best shipping quotes and estimates. The customers can choose what fits best for their needs. 

LogiNext’s GetQuotes API offers accurate shipping estimates for every CEP business and can be used for multiple shipments by all businesses. Wish to explore how it can be beneficial for your business? Talk to us and we’ll help you integrate the same for your CEP business with our efficient shipping service ETA calculator.

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