Optimize and automate pick-up, planning, scheduling and routing for efficient delivery operations.
LogiNext Mile
Reliably optimize reverse pickups including return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) scenarios with the best reverse logistics solutions.
LogiNext Reverse
Faster and better on-time pickups and deliveries using our enhanced route planning and auto delivery allocation software.
LogiNext On-Demand
Get the best Transportation Optimization platform to gain end to end visibility over your logistical operations, avoid supply chain hiccups and lower overall transportation costs.
LogiNext Haul

End to End

A comprehensive transportation management system for all your logistics operations.

Gain Supply Chain Visibility and Optimize Your Operations on Top of the Most Advanced Vehicle Routing System

Any shipment involves multiple segments - and each of them are either an opportunity to delight your customer or a reason for missing ETA. With LogiNext’s supply chain visibility software, we enable you to track and gain visibility across all these segments, optimize them, and provide you with actionable analytics to take charge. Let every delivery be a happy one for your customers and your operations team.

Easy to use supply chain visibility solutions for dispatchers, carriers, delivery drivers and the end customer.

Easily integrate your existing IT systems with large pool of ready integrations for end to end supply chain visibility.

Optimize, schedule and track your shipments across all legs and transports.

Postal Networks and Courier Companies Revamping Ops

Postal delivery services and courier companies transforming from a small packet delivery company to delivering large parcels.

  • Open Up New Services: Based on your service areas, open up same day deliveries and special services.

  • Automate Processes: Leverage the platform and digitally transform your operations.

  • Detailed Reporting: Generate reports and get automated emails about your chosen KPIs to track.

LogiNext offers a comprehensive solution to meet demands from a small packet delivery company to delivering large parcels.
LogiNext helps integrate fleet, TMS, WMS and shipment data to get a single unified view of your operations.

A Comprehensive Transportation Planning System with a Rounded View

Integrate fleet, TMS, WMS and shipment data to get a single unified view of your operations.

  • Live Screen: Map based view in real time of your end to end delivery operations.

  • Alerts & Notifications: Get instant alerts regarding any disruption in operations.

  • Easy API Integration: Seamless data flow between your existing systems and LogiNext through APIs.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Provide realistic ETA estimates to your customers and their end-customers even before an order is placed, factoring route conditions, branch holidays, etc.

  • LogiNext Pay™: Handle online transaction and cash on delivery through the finance capabilities on driver app.

  • Smart ETA™: Factor in hundreds of variables and show precise delivery time to the end customer.

  • Easy Returns: Enable returns at the click of a button and setup your system for reverse logistics.

LogiNext improves customer satisfaction with realistic ETA calculation, LogiNext Pay and easy returns.
LogiNext MileTM