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Optimize and automate pick-up, planning, scheduling and routing for efficient delivery operations.
LogiNext Mile
Reliably optimize reverse pickups including return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) scenarios with the best reverse logistics solutions.
LogiNext Reverse
Faster and better on-time pickups and deliveries using our enhanced route planning and auto delivery allocation software.
LogiNext On-Demand
Get the best Transportation Optimization platform to gain end to end visibility over your logistical operations, avoid supply chain hiccups and lower overall transportation costs.
LogiNext Haul

Consumer Packaged Goods

You need a flexible and comprehensive dispatching and scheduling software for the exploding needs of the CPG industry. Right from moving goods from warehouse to stores to last mile deliveries to the customers’ doorsteps, get the logistics software solutions recommended by experts.

Stress Free Logistics Operations, Delighted Consumers

Whether you're a bottling company for soft drinks getting into D2C (direct to consumer) or a multi brand company sending goods in bulk to stores across the world, LogiNext is the best software for delivery and end to end logistics to help you undergo a digital transformation and fast track your delivery management.

Enjoy stress free logistics operations with the best delivery software- LogiNext Mile.
Choose LogiNext as your delivery automation platform for real time visibility and smooth order deliveries.

​Real Time Visibility Platform for Smooth Delivery Operations

Consumer behavior is rapidly shifting. Labor shortage, climate change and trade regulations pose challenges in several new ways. Any CPG brand needs to be aware of all these developments and adopt technology that can help them tide over the challenges. LogiNext’s delivery automation platform lets brands forecast demand, automate order management and allocation, reduce delivery costs by optimization along with reducing the carbon footprint. Deliver smart, deliver right with LogiNext.

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