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Optimize and automate pick-up, planning, scheduling and routing for efficient delivery operations.
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Reliably optimize reverse pickups including return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) scenarios with the best reverse logistics solutions.
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Faster and better on-time pickups and deliveries using our enhanced route planning and auto delivery allocation software.
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Get the best Transportation Optimization platform to gain end to end visibility over your logistical operations, avoid supply chain hiccups and lower overall transportation costs.
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Food and Beverage

Be it home delivery of food, beverages or groceries, customers are expecting faster deliveries with real time tracking. And your operations manager needs a flexible delivery software to cater to these demands. LogiNext’s delivery scheduling software which is powered by the best route optimization and automated trip planning modules lets you achieve your business goals.

From last mile deliveries to store fulfillment, LogiNext’s comprehensive last mile solutions sets you up for success.

Food Delivery Software for the On-Demand Age

Online ordering has quickly become a major part of the business for fast food restaurant chains (also called quick service restaurant chains). LogiNext’s comprehensive restaurant delivery software is equipped with some of the best features to deliver fast with accurate eta calculation and communication to give a great end customer experience.

Meet your on demand delivery needs using LogiNext that comes with fast and accurate ETA calculation.
LogiNext helps with the best delivery experience by integrating route optimization, real time tracking, 3rd party carriers, etc.

Deliver the Best Customer Experience

Customers expect every brand to deliver fast and in a multitude of ways while ensuring timely notifications regarding their orders. You need a flexible and secured platform to take care of your order management, trip planning,route optimization software, ETA adherence, 3rd party carrier integration and real time tracking for delivery driver management. Get the power of LogiNext’s Delivery Automation Platform.

Meets Your Delivery Time SLAs with the Best Fleet Management Software

One of the biggest challenges of delivering fast and right is managing delivery drivers. Questions like building an inhouse fleet as opposed to crowdsourcing deliveries become critical in your on-demand delivery strategy. LogiNext’s comprehensive fleet management system along with the multi stop route planner algorithm gives you complete visibility over delivery operations and lets you communicate precise ETAs to the end customer for a great delivery experience.

LogiNext offers the best fleet management software to meet customer demands and offer a great delivery experience.

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