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Optimize and automate pick-up, planning, scheduling and routing for efficient delivery operations.
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Reliably optimize reverse pickups including return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) scenarios with the best reverse logistics solutions.
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Faster and better on-time pickups and deliveries using our enhanced route planning and auto delivery allocation software.
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Get the best Transportation Optimization platform to gain end to end visibility over your logistical operations, avoid supply chain hiccups and lower overall transportation costs.
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Case Studies and White Papers about how industry stalwarts optimized last mile deliveries,
field workforce management, line haul express shipments, and on-demand deliveries.

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Learn From Our Most Successful Enterprise Case Studies And White Papers.

50% Boost in Orders For Cargo Shipping Giant

LogiNext helps one of the biggest Shipping companies in the APAC region by offering seamless first mile and last mile operations. With our order assignment workflow combined with API and Webhook flexibility, the business was able to utilize truckers efficiently and get a 50% boost in on-time order delivery and a 32% drop in carbon emissions.

40% Cost Savings in Last Mile Big and Bulky Deliveries

LogiNext helps streamline operations for one of the largest online retail stores that offers 200,000+ products. Using LogiNext, the business was able to reduce delivery operation costs by 40%, reduce planning hours, and offer 100% visibility on trip start and trip stop to ensure driver compliance.

30% Return On Investment For A Leading International Tire Manufacturer

The tire business was unable to trace and trace orders in real-time which led to confusion and chaos. With LogiNext Mile, the business switched to a cloud-based logistics management system that helped them with seamless API integrations. It gave the business complete transparency for end-to-end operations, helping it with a +30% ROI.

Enabling 40% Business Growth By Streamlining Logistics And Transportation Needs

A leading business that helped essential items reach restaurants on time could not meet growing demands. Learn how LogiNext helped not only meet the challenges but reduce operational costs by 25% and scale operations by 40%

Empowering A Top CEP Firm Run Their Logistics Operations Seamlessly

Customer experience has become the top priority in today's logistics operations. Get insights on how LogiNext helped the CEP client meet their specific set of requirements to achieve end-to-end visibility and simplified delivery operations.

Leading D2C Brand Automates and Optimizes Operations With LogiNext

LogiNext's comprehensive delivery management platform allowed this market-disrupting D2C brand to automate and optimize for same-day delivery.

Top Retail Outlet Uses Compartment Planning To Enhance Customer Experience

LogiNext's compartment planning helped the client with packing optimization and compartment planning for their trucks. This was done considering weight, temperature control, and the nature of the product. The result was a superior customer experience.

Leading Chemical Company Automates Logistics Operations To Reduce Costs and Increase Fleet Efficiency

LogiNext helped a leading manufacturing company automate its logistics operations, reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency. The use of AI and ML helped with seamless planning for first-mile and middle-mile operations, offering insights into demand forecasting, ETA calculation and revision, vehicle optimization, and custom analytics.

Top Parcel Company Cuts Resource Cost and Improves Delivery Turnaround Time

LogiNext helped the parcel company move to a cloud-based TMS that helped them automate their logistics operations, improve fleet visibility and offer the best customer experience by offering real-time ETA notifications with tracking links.

Offering Seamless Deliveries For Temperature Controlled Goods

One of the renowned businesses within the cold-chain industry wanted to offer its customers top-notch service, keeping quality and customer satisfaction the highest priority. LogiNext helped them optimize their logistics operations, reduce their resource cost and improve turnaround times for deliveries using a modern TMS.

Trucking Company Improves Driver Performance By 32%

This trucking company made little use of technology and had no visibility into its operations in real time. LogiNext helped them with real-time visibility for their operations with a comprehensive mobile and web solution. Additionally, the delivery driver management solution offered real-time alerts and notifications to improve driver efficiency.

Improve Your Field WorkForce Management By 87%

Our global real estate management customer’s challenge was aggregating information from multiple systems to give a consolidated, automated, and optimized truck roll to the customer site. LogiNext with its flexible platform, offline mobility, and other features offered the client improved auto allocation and workforce efficiency.

Improve Your Driver Efficiency By 140%

Ever since the pandemic, numerous brands have attempted to revamp their digital transformation. LogiNext was able to offer its premium services to handle delivery automation with features like route optimization and electronic proof of delivery helping the client improve their fleet efficiency. Additionally, our unique one-click carrier integration marketplace made the handling of 3rd party aggregators a breeze.

Global Supermarket Giant Partners With LogiNext

The client focused on manual resource allocation and planning, which resulted in the loss of management time and efforts without offering the desired returns. LogiNext perfected the company's routing and tracking inefficiencies and was able to categorize its fleet and field workforce as per skillsets that helped boost its logistical operational efficiency.

Retail Company Streamlines Long Haul Deliveries

A retail company with most of the workforce on-field, lacked the capability of optimizing and tracking its workforce and delivery schedule. LogiNext Haul helped the business with route optimization, schedule management, warehouse management, and resource allocation for end-to-end operational visibility and workforce management.

AmRest x LogiNext For 30-minute Food Delivery

AmRest is a leading European multi-brand franchise restaurant operator that operates across 26 countries with over 2300+ stores. With the LogiNext Mile platform, we could digitize and automate their delivery management system to make their deliveries more efficient and reach food to their end customers ‘Hot and Fresh!’

Post & Parcel Business Gets Real-Time Visibility Over Parcel Movement

One of the biggest challenges that post and parcel companies face is a lack of visibility in parcel management. LogiNext helped the client have complete visibility over its supply chain along with helping improve on-time deliveries and generate higher revenues.

Top Supermarket Company Reduces GHG Emissions Using Automation

Learn how LogiNext was able to solve same-day delivery challenges, deliver items that needed products of varying temperatures to be easily distributed, and automate their process to get detailed reports and analytics and ensure sustainable deliveries.

Large Postal Company Streamlines Its Last Mile Deliveries

One of the largest postal service companies that had its own logistics fleet, LogiNext was able to help bring down its operational cost, cut down on planning and dispatch time, improve capacity utilization in their vehicle, and offered the best analytical solution to find and improve upon their bottlenecks for an optimal and customized solution.

Top CPG Company Streamlines Distribution

Top consumer packaged goods company with multiple power brands in food, confectioneries, and beverages uses LogiNext’s superior shipment scheduling and delivery route planning to move millions of units across multiple warehouses and hundreds of connected distribution centers.

Leading Home Goods Company Boosts Logistics Movement

Large online home goods company optimized all their carrier movement within a single unique and intuitive map interface to deliver all types of goods on-time across all locations to all customers. They boosted customer experience while reducing costs with live delivery route optimization.

Large Delivery Service Company Boost Last Mile Movement

Largest delivery service company in the United States offered same day, overnight, next day, and standard shipments, with an asset-light model using contractors to execute their last mile deliveries. LogiNext optimized last mile deliveries for the client, to boost customer (delivery) experiences.

Oil and Gas Major Optimizes Logistics Movement

Large oil company with a North American production level of over 1.28 million bbl/day plans the schedule and optimizes the routes for its tank trucks carrying 166,000 bbl/day across petroleum product terminals, refineries, and retail service stations.

Cash Management Company Optimizes Resource Movement

Large cash management company processes secure movement of more than $15 billion across 170,000 business points including 80,000 ATMs and 60,000 merchants through cloud-enabled schedule planning, route optimization, and real-time resource tracking.

Top Courier Company Optimizes Parcel Movement

One of the largest courier companies wanted to optimize the movement of its 200 million ground deliveries while increasing utilization of their delivery vehicles to bring down the overall logistics cost involved with parcel movement and, at the same time, increase productivity.

Large QSR Chain Boosts On-Demand Deliveries

One of the largest quick service restaurant chains with sales of more than $24 billion from more than 15000 restaurants across the world wanted to establish dominance in their on-demand delivery management module with expert delivery route planning and optimization.

Leading Beverage Company Optimizes Field Force

Leading beverage manufacturing company with $41 billion in sales wanted to expand in niche global markets to set-up their biggest re-franchising initiative yet. Company wanted to streamline its cold-fill and hot-fill bottling units to maximize the reach of its distribution network.

Top Retail Chain Optimizes Last Mile Deliveries

One of the biggest retail chains in the United States with more than 2000 stores across the country optimizes their logistics movement through automated allocation of deliveries, real-time tracking of resources, EPOD, and end-to-end visibility of more than 1000 on-field delivery personnel.
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Read our most popular blogs from the field of delivery management and logistics automation.

Read our most popular blogs from the field of delivery management and logistics automation.