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Last mile delivery software to achieve efficient deliveries and high customer satisfaction for each deliver.

Deliver On-Time, Every Time with the Most Comprehensive Delivery Routing Software

Customers expect quick but on-time delivery for their ordered goods. Be it food and/or grocery, or delivery of big & bulky items, or even a delivery to nearby store in the case of B2B fulfillment, LogiNext's flexible last mile delivery tracking platform enables your delivery team to meet customer expectations by intelligently scheduling customer orders for delivery and optimized routing for delivery drives, thereby delivering in the most efficient manner.

Automate and optimized delivery trip planning with help of AI and ML powered route optimization software.

Delivery route planning software with predictive ETA notifications to keep the end customer updated, always.

Improve driver efficiency with gamification enabled through last mile solutions like LogiNext driver app.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Enable quick deliveries for food orders to ensure your customers enjoy a hot meal.

  • LogiNext Auto Route™: Assign orders into trips at the click of a button according to your chosen constraints.
  • Smart ETA™: Factor in time of food preparation and show precise delivery time to the end customer at the time of placing an order.
  • Gamified Driver App: Incentivise delivery drivers with a simple to use and gamified app to increase driver efficiency.
eCommerce Deliveries

eCommerce Deliveries

Get the best fleet management software to gain competitive advantage by delivering all types of orders fast - be it big & bulky items or the smallest of the products.

  • Quick Deliveries: Easily integrate carriers, take advantage of a hybrid fleet management solution and deliver fast.
  • LogiNext Pay™: Handle online transaction and cash on delivery through the payment capabilities on driver app.
  • Easy Returns: Enable returns at the click of a button and setup your system for reverse logistics.
Store Delivery

Store Delivery

Enable timely delivery of online grocery orders to nearby pickup store locations or mailboxes.

  • Live Screen: Map based view in real time of your end to end delivery operations.
  • Service Area Profiling: Configure geographical constraints that result into better order allocation.
  • Driver Skill Sets: Flawlessly delivery big & bulky items, temperature sensitive goods, etc. by mapping driver skill set.
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