Use case pick up and delivery

Pickup and Delivery

Gain Efficiency and Visibility over the first and last legs of any delivery through the best dispatch software.

Optimize the Most Critical Segments of Your Delivery to Improve Customer ETA

Remove the complexities involved with large scale pickup and deliveries of orders while improving efficiency and gaining complete visibility over all aspects of your order lifecycle. Efficiently schedule pickup and deliveries using same resources while meeting your customer SLAs and Business KPIs.

Seamless integration with 3rd party logistics providers (3PL/ 4PL).

End to End visibility & tracking across your delivery operations.

Service Area profiles to match your delivery zones.

Food Delivery Carrier

Food Delivery Carrier

Easily setup and scale your food delivery business with easy management of orders, drivers and delivery operations.

  • Route Optimization: Get the best trip plans according through an algorithm trained over billions of location data points.
  • Automatic Order Allocation: Assign orders into trips at the click of a button according to your chosen constraints.
  • Gamified Driver App: Incentivise delivery drivers with a simple to use and gamified app to increase driver efficiency.
Point-To-Point Deliveries

Point-To-Point Deliveries

Efficiently schedule, route and track order deliveries with seamless integration with your ordering app or portal.

  • Easy Order Management: Schedule orders and reduce manual work along with increasing accountability.
  • Map Based Visualization:: Get complete visibility over delivery drivers, trips and orders on a single map layout in real time.
  • Geofence & Timefence: Get notified about an event as per your configurations.
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