Courier, Express and Parcel | Managing Pick-ups and Deliveries with Optimal Supply Chain Visibility, Speed and Precision
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After months of rigorous and extensive research, involving interviews of more than 500 CXOs, utilizing petabytes of information and running combinations of future scenarios, LogiNext unveils its groundbreaking white paper to decipher the future of field service management in multiple industries.
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Optimize your last mile logistics. Plan routes better and automate resource allocation.
Optimize your field workforce tasks and plan their movements and schedules.
Optimize your Real-Time Deliveries with real time assignments, tracking, and alerts.

Courier, Express and Parcel

Managing Pick-ups and Deliveries with Optimal Supply Chain Visibility, Speed and Precision

From Your Warehouse to the Customer's Door, LogiNext Has You Covered

Predictive route planning and optimization plays a pivotal role for CEP industry, their major logistics costs can be saved with route and field workforce optimization. LogiNext Mile proved to be a bliss for CEP companies by providing the most effective last mile delivery management, route planning, field service management, resource optimization, EPOD’s and more..

  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard for visibility of your complete field movements
  • Automated delivery route optimization
  • Highly predictive ETA calculation with real-time change consideration
  • Automated capacity and volume tracking
  • Real-time EPOD, E-signature's and customer feedback

Impact :

Increased Number of Deliveries
Increased Operational Span
Increased Location Intelligence
Decreased Turnaround Time
Decreased Extra Resource Costs
Decreased Vehicle Wear & Tear

Manage, Plan and Optimize your extensive fleet of vehicles across the country

Long haul/Line haul can be an extremely painful area for the CEP industry. Tracking your fully loaded vehicle’s travelling inter-cities and states is like a nightmare coming to reality. LogiNext Haul turn this nightmare into a blissful experience by providing a comprehensive dashboard for fleet tracking and management in real-time with instant hub-in hub-out notifications, driver and vehicle location and the overall vehicle performance.

  • Track Inter-city fleet movements on single dashboard
  • Visual real time route planning and re-routing
  • Tracking driver behaviour, vehicle speed and fuel efficiency on the go
  • Historical data storage for enhanced future predictive analysis
  • Real-time ETA calculations, with delay adjustments on the go
  • Geo-coding and geo-fencing, for hub in and hub out transperancy

Impact :

Increased Vehicle Fleet Utilization
Increased Long Haul Visibility
Increased ETA
Decreased Overall Delays
Decreased Loading/Unloading time
Decreased Maintenance costs

Make Your Returns Automated And Cost Efficient

Reverse delivery is one of the most hated leg of logistics across the industry, whether it’s the e-Commerce company who has received the reverse pick-up request or the CEP’s who actually carry this out, it breaks havoc on everyone associated. LogiNext Reverse, smoothens this unwanted process to such an extent with the reverse logistics management software, that managing reverse pick-ups becomes effortless.

  • Reverse Delivery Scheduling
  • Delivery Boy Real Time Tracking
  • Return To Owner/Return To Merchant
  • Seamless Integration With Api

Impact :

Increased Route Optimization
Increased Real-time Visibility
Increased Reverse Channel Efficiency
Decreased Turnaround Time
Decreased Overall Delay
Decreased Reverse Pick-up Costs
Express Route Optimization Through Breakthrough Products
According to IBIS World, “the industry's contribution to the world economy, as measured by industry value added (IVA), is forecasted to grow at an annualized 2.0% over the 10 years through 2021, while world GDP is projected to grow at an annualized 3.6% over the same period”. While the courier industry is growing at a rapid speed, logistics remains its biggest concern. Some of the issues faced by the express industry are route optimization, capacity planning and visibility of shipments. Some of the major enterprises who benefit from our solutions include DTDC and Blue Dart.
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