What is pre order ETA? How can it improve last mile delivery experience?

How Can Pre-Order ETA Enhance Last Mile Delivery Experience?

Online ordering is at its peak and is estimated to reach 2.64 billion by the end of 2023. This ideally means that 1 in every 3 people shop online! The number is further expected to reach 2.77 billion by 2025. Businesses are now keen to offer pre-order ETA to keep customers better informed. Keeping customers satisfied has been the top priority for market leaders and upcoming businesses to meet last mile delivery experience.

Given the short attention span of customers, companies have to find new ways to attract more customers. This is where pre-order Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) came into play. For those catering to quick commerce and the food and beverage industry, pre-order ETA has become crucial. 

What is Pre-Order ETA?

The food and beverage industry is undergoing a massive shift to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers. The pre-order ETA not only promises to reshape the way we enjoy our meals but also revolutionize the entire dining experience. The last mile delivery experience enhances ten folds for businesses willing to showcase and meet delivery estimates.

Understanding the Need For Pre-Order ETA in Last Mile Delivery

Imagine having the power to customize your meal, place the order, and have it delivered to your address precisely when you’re ready to enjoy it. No more impatient waiting for your food, no more uncertain mealtime choices, and no more disruptions to your schedule! This is no longer a dream as pre-order ETA makes it a reality for last mile delivery.

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Food delivery with pre-order ETA for improved customer experience for last mile delivery

How is Pre-Order ETA Calculated?

When placing your next order online, you may see an estimated time of arrival, even before you place your order. And the best part is by the time your order arrives, it usually matches the promised time. Well, how is this possible? You might have wondered. Well, let’s clear the dust.

Major Factors Considered During the Calculation of Pre-Order ETA

The best last mile delivery solutions consider these factors for the calculation of pre-order ETA-


Factors Impacting Pre Order ETA setting

Average Preparation Time:

Defined at a branch level, this parameter indicates the average time set by the restaurant to get the order prepared before it can be picked up.

Item Preparation Time:

Defined at an item level, this factor considers the time taken to prepare an item.

Incremental Prep Time:

We all at some point in time order multiple items or repeat the item ordered, this does not double the preparation time. Hence, incremental preparation time defines the time to prepare each subsequent quantity.

Load Multiplier:

Ordering during peak hours needs to have a defined time for order preparation. To handle peak time orders, this factor helps to handle the load and define the time required which is to be added to ensure accurate pre-order ETA.

Default Service Time Per Order:

Defined under the ETA profile, this parameter defines the time taken to service the order. It factors in the pickup service time and delivery service time for the order.

Pickup Transit Time:

This factors the time taken by the best-suited delivery associate to travel from their current location to the branch.

Delivery Transit Time:

It considers the time taken by the delivery associate to reach the customer’s location from the branch.

Note: Pre-order ETAs are only calculated if there are delivery associates available to deliver the order when running the auto-assignment profile. Get <Pre Order ETA> API is used to display the accurate delivery estimate time.

Benefits of Pre-order ETA for Last Mile Delivery

Benefits of Pre Order ETA for Last Mile Delivery

To ensure seamless last mile delivery, here are some key benefits offered by pre-order ETA.

Freedom of Choice for Customers: The pre-order ETA visibility ensures customers get to make informed decisions about their dining experience. With the ability to see the estimated arrival time of orders in advance, customers can place their meals as per their schedule and be worry-free about the delivery time.

Streamlined Operations: Restaurants will now be able to anticipate demand and allocate resources more efficiently by generating pre-order ETAs using the above factors. This optimization not only helps streamline operations but minimizes wait time for customers, resulting in a seamless dining experience.

Better Planning: Customers can now place their orders with minimum stress over delivery timings. With an accurate estimation of the food delivery, customers can now enjoy the meal when it suits them the best- hot and fresh. Thus making it a must-have for improving last mile delivery experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience: By minimizing the uncertainty and wait time for food delivery, you can enhance customer experience significantly. This newfound level of convenience and control creates a positive experience for customers.

Improved Customer Loyalty: As customers get a reliable and personalized experience with accurate delivery time estimation, it builds the brand’s trust. The commitment the restaurant offers and being able to meet them helps foster a strong bond that encourages loyalty and repeat business. Thus ensuring better revenue from last mile deliveries.

So, if you are in the quick commerce or the food and beverage industry, trying to improve your last mile delivery experience? Look no further than LogiNext. With our pre-order ETA solutions, you can ensure timely delivery of the orders. Additionally, our software for delivery management helps with real-time visibility, live-order tracking, auto-assignment of orders, and efficient fleet utilization, with advanced reports and analytics to streamline last mile delivery. For more information, click on the red button below to connect with our expert.


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