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Special Handling/
White Glove Delivery

Ensure that specific needs of customer’s packages/shipments are met with white glove or blanket wrap services.

Get the best handling of items using a white glove delivery by integration with a logistics management software.
Map territories or use geofencing to ensure deliveries within the boundaries using last mile delivery solutions.

Identify special needs for pickups and deliveries

Easily capture special handling instructions for shipments like secure documents, antiques, sensitive electronics, etc.

Auto-allocation of pickup request

Automatically allocate the right delivery associate and vehicle to sensitive shipments, best-suited to handle the special handling instructions right from safe loading/unloading and priority shipping.

Accommodation of preferred time windows

Specialty shipments come with exact timelines when they are supposed to be picked and delivered. Ensure a complete delivery experience with on-time pickup and delivery in such preferred time windows.

Give specialized delivery experience to customers

Ensure that customers stay with you for longer by assigning delivery associates and helpers that are best-suited to load, unload, or install the special delivery.

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Match delivery associate's skills to specific pickup and deliveries using a transportation management system.

In-House or Store Deliveries and Placement

Match delivery associates skilled in inside location or in-room pickup and delivery to the specific shipment requirements.

Pick up from within the location

Assign helpers or loaders to specialty shipments for pick and pack at location.

Deliver in-room and place packages

Instruct your delivery associates to deliver in-room and place items as required.

A driver mobile app to showcase all white glove delivery orders with notifications and alerts.

Live tracking and notifications for all movement

Track all specialty and white glove movement from pickup and delivery from within a single dashboard with instant notifications and alerts for all stakeholders.