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LogiNext Driver AppTM

In this fast paced environment, your drivers deserve the best mobile application to fulfill orders in the most efficient manner. LogiNext’s delivery driver application has an intuitive interface with gamification inbuilt through which you can incentivize drivers to deliver with the maximum efficiency.

Gartner insights

Highest rated Vehicle Routing and Scheduling and Last Mile Technology provider.

USPs of the LogiNext Driver App

Features like real time tracking of vehicles, eSign, bulk pickups, hotspots, online/offline status, break times, payments and configuring region specific regulations along with a gamified experience let you get the best out of your delivery fleet and deliver a great customer experience.

Comprehensive delivery driver software to guide and assist riders in all aspects of order delivery.

Flexible and scalable, handling millions of orders every day.

Integrated payments and communications modules.

  • Real time tracking system: Get an overview of all vehicle movement on a single screen and take necessary action at the click of a button.
  • Order list and status: Generate delivery run sheets (DRS) for pickups and delivery with the best route optimization software to ensure efficient operations.
  • Delivery proof: Once the parcel or the courier is handed over to the customer, a delivery proof will ensure the completion of the task.
  • Bulk pickup and deliveries: Getting a custom delivery done at the same place? Bulk pickup (multiple items) and deliveries can be convenient for the driver to deliver the product with just a single sign from the warehouse manager or the place of delivery.
  • Order transfer: Be it for vehicular breakdown or location-based deliveries, an order transfer will help the driver transfer goods to a nearby driver to ensure efficient deliveries, in case of emergencies.
  • Online/ offline status: Getting to know when your driver is available would be of importance to help schedule your deliveries accordingly.
  • Hotspots: Get the maximum number of orders delivered from your limited resources by assigning drivers to areas where demand is more and driver supply is less.
  • Gamification: Incentivise the drivers through a gamified leaderboard on the app which creates a healthy competition amongst drivers to deliver with the highest efficiency.
  • Digital Scanning of Orders: Giving the driver the ability to scan AWB (air waybills), crates, and other items when loading and unloading will ensure smoother and faster operations for last mile delivery.
  • Accept and Reject Orders: One of the best ways a dispatcher can improve the efficiency of their carriers is by giving drivers the ability to accept and reject orders when en route.
  • Payments: Integrated payments module to manage cash on delivery and credit card payments during delivery or pickup.
  • AWB Label Printing: Print AWB labels using linked printers to ensure complete tracking of pickup orders throughout their lifecycle.