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Optimize and automate pick-up, planning, scheduling and routing for efficient delivery operations.
LogiNext Mile
Reliably optimize reverse pickups including return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) scenarios with the best reverse logistics solutions.
LogiNext Reverse
Faster and better on-time pickups and deliveries using our enhanced route planning and auto delivery allocation software.
LogiNext On-Demand
Get the best Transportation Optimization platform to gain end to end visibility over your logistical operations, avoid supply chain hiccups and lower overall transportation costs.
LogiNext Haul

Deliver supplies to restaurants faster

Quick and full-service restaurants work on a very-lean logistics system depending highly on fresh produce. Make fresh deliveries on-time, every time.

A delivery guy showcasing proof of delivery with customer feedback and rating on the LogiNext platform

Control all areas of your food movement

Fresh food such as meat, bread, pulses, spices, and more require a highly visible and controlled logistics set-up. Fast and proper deliveries along the preferred time-slots for receiving them is very important.

Sustain food quality

Ensure that the quality of each food item is uncompromised all along the trip.

Comply with all SLAs

Follow all service level agreements as your vehicles move food to destinations.

Deliver supplies on-time

Get the food supplies to your clients on-time with perfect delivery validation.

The perfect logistics automation platform that showcases real-time delivery locations on web app and driver app

Make more deliveries with lesser resources

Use specific vehicles with drivers having the right skill-sets. This ideal match boosts the efficiency and smoothness of the entire delivery process.

Deliver with the right vehicle and driver

Get the right vehicle with the right driver to carry specific food products. Get them on the right route with the ideal delivery schedule avoiding traffic to reach destinations on-time. Ensure the delivery associate or driver know how to handle the food right.

Reach more restaurants in quicktime

Use available capacity and time of the resources to the fullest, delivering well-preserved food to more restaurants in each trip. Work-in the preferred delivery time-windows of each restaurant as you plan schedules and routes.

A route optimization software with real-time ETA calculation for faster deliveries

Track all moving resources live

Increase the responsiveness and agility of your ground-movement as you deliver to restaurants. Track the movement of all vehicles in real-time.

Know exactly where the orders have reached

Watch all moving resources in a single dashboard and react to on-ground events in time. Cut down turnaround times within your trips. Chat with your delivery associates while they move in their trips.

Get real-time notifications and alerts

Receive live notifications and alerts wherever you are, whenever there is a delay, deviation from delivery route, erratic driving, delivery statuses changing from scheduled to complete or incomplete, and more.