Checklist to choose the best transportation management software

Checklist to Choose the Best Transportation Management Software for Your Business

The process of delivering products from a warehouse to the customer includes multiple factors. Just the way one needs to manage the entire logistics operations, delivery can’t be successful without an ideal Transportation Management System (TMS). As your logistics business grows, managing shipments, end-to-end tracking, documentation and everything in between can’t be done manually with spreadsheets. This is where you need the best Transportation Management Software to support your logistics supply chain in numerous ways.


The global Transportation Management market size is expected to grow from USD 13.5 billion in 2023 to USD 33.3 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 19.7%.- MarketsandMarkets


While the logistics industry is operating efficiently for faster and more efficient deliveries, it’s important to have a TMS for your logistics business. Businesses growing significantly are in need of a TMS. This article will help you make the best decision on how to choose the best one available in the market. Dive in!

What is a Transportation Management Software?

From managing multiple deliveries to complex freight and taking care of local deliveries or global operations, the best Transportation Management Software does everything for you. A TMS helps organizations conveniently manage and optimize the supply chain with the physical movement of goods. While playing a central role in the supply chain system, one can make informed decisions depending on the deep visibility offered by the TMS. It can conveniently be used by logistics companies, manufacturers, retailers, eCommerce companies, and everyone who does physical transportation of goods.


Now that we are aware of how the best Transportation Management Software can be beneficial, let’s take a look at how to pick the right one.

Checklist to choose the best Transportation Management Solution for your business:

How will the best transportation management system impact my business?

Look at what your business needs and not what the TMS offers. Focus on your business goals and longevity in terms of investing in a robust system. This would optimize transportation in the longer run. Understand your current business landscape and determine how having a TMS can change various aspects of business growth. For example, If live tracking of goods is your priority, the best Transportation Management Software can make it happen. Ask yourself these questions:


    – What is the frequent mode of transportation for my business?

    – What is the total number of shipments my business deals with every day?

    – How will the TMS help me in serving multiple locations conveniently?

    – Will a particular TMS be capable enough to contribute to the growth of my business?

Every solution in the market has a different cost depending on the set of features offered. However, choosing the most affordable or the most expensive one with a certain set of expectations should not be the general scenario. Make a list of the best transportation management software available in the market. Find out which one of them suits your needs the best and is an affordable choice for the longer run. Choosing a TMS should not just be focused on the current goals of your business. It should serve the future vision that includes growth, boost in ROI, ease for resources, and transparency in the system.

What are the top features offered by the TMS?

Focusing on the needs and demands of a business, every Transportation Management solution should prioritize three elements. These should specifically include time, money, and resource allocation. Here are the top features every transportation management system should have.

Route Planning and Overall Optimization: Figuring out the fastest and most efficient route for numerous deliveries along with streamlined optimization for the future.

Reporting and Analytics: Utilizing the power of data in the best way possible with the help of analytics and monitoring various actions done for various deliveries.

Order Tracking and Visibility: End-to-end transparency about the movement of the order to the shippers and customers with minimum manual intervention.

Carrier Selection and Management: Saving time, effort, and money while choosing the right carrier partner for your business with the help of a consolidated list of providers and their features.

Fleet Management and Optimization: Overall optimization for the fleet that ultimately results in time-saving as well as more efficient deliveries.

Benefits of Having the Best Transportation Management System

Benefits of an Ideal TMS

How can LogiNext be a suitable TMS for your business?

While considering the various problems faced by businesses in various industries, let’s break it down into major challenges faced and solutions offered by LogiNext. Here is what the winning strategy looks like:


Major ChallengesLogiNext Solution
Dealing with High Transportation CostsRate Profiles and Carrier Integration
Inefficient Routing of OrdersRoute Optimization
No Visibility on Fleet OperationsConvenient Tracking and Real-time Visibility with Driver App
Improper Demand ForecastingPerformance Analytics from Customer Reports
Manual Documentation of OrdersUse of Electronic Proof of Delivery


LogiNext offers a set of solutions for every single problem that the best Transportation Management Solution should focus on. From route optimization to focusing on the documentation part and prioritizing convenience for drivers, LogiNext does it all for your business in a seamless way. 


Wish to get started with LogiNext as your new Transport Management System to transform the way your business operates? While we prioritize meeting the needs of your clients and offering a seamless solution for better customer satisfaction, our team of experts can help you in several other ways to meet your business needs. Hit the button to get in touch with us and explore a pool of solutions!



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