LogiNext Mentioned in Gartner Last Mile Delivery Technology Solution

LogiNext Mentioned in Gartner Market Guide For Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions

– Demand for last mile delivery (LMD) technology solutions is rapidly increasing with the heightened interest shown by both shippers and carriers.


– Companies aim to become more customer-centric while optimizing delivery processes and reducing operational costs.


– Delivery orchestration and customer experience remain the top priorities when looking for last mile delivery technology solutions.


LogiNext's Last Mile Delivery Software Users Globally

Types of Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions Supported by LogiNext that helped us get into the Gartner Market Guide

Home Delivery: If you own a fleet or are using external courier carriers, LogiNext has you covered. By using their own fleet of vehicles for home deliveries businesses can ensure better control and reliability in the delivery process. We also partner with external courier carriers. This helps us expand your delivery network and provide faster services.


Ship-From Options: We can ship products directly from your warehouses or distribution centers. This is ideal for fulfilling large orders quickly. Products can also be shipped from your stores. This reduces delivery time and helps in managing inventory more efficiently.


Pick-Up Options: 


Curbside Pick-Up: Customers can choose curbside pick-up. This is a convenient option, and they can collect their orders without leaving their cars.


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In-Store Pick-Up: Customers can collect their orders from the store at their convenience.


Locker-Box Delivery: Customers can pick up their packages from secure lockers at their convenience.
Advanced Delivery Methods


Crowdsource/Gig Delivery Fleet: Our system can integrate for crowdsource or gig delivery fleets. This helps in seamless operations when managing peak times and ensuring quick deliveries.


Drone Delivery: Drone delivery is available for faster and more efficient service. It is ideal for remote or hard-to-reach areas.


Autonomous Robot Delivery: We also help guide autonomous robots for delivery. This is a cutting-edge solution for efficient and timely deliveries.


LogiNext supports a wide range of last mile delivery services. We cater to diverse customer needs, from traditional home deliveries to innovative methods like drones and robots.


Different Industry Verticals Supported by LogiNext

Key Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions Capabilities – Business-to-Consumer Needs Cruical for Smoother Operations

Delivery Slot Selection For Last Mile Delivery

Static Delivery Slot at Cart Check-Out: Customers can select a delivery date and time during check-out. This allows them to choose a slot that fits their schedule.


Dynamic Delivery Slot with Real-Time Fleet Capacity (Own Fleet): Our platform provides real-time updates on the availability of our own fleet. This means customers can see and choose delivery slots based on actual fleet capacity.


Dynamic Delivery Slot with Real-Time Fleet Capacity (Third-Party Fleets): Similar to our own fleet, we also support real-time slot selection for third-party fleets. This ensures that customers have the most up-to-date options.

Sustainable Delivery Options For Last Mile

Green Delivery Routing Option: Customers can choose eco-friendly delivery options. This includes electric vehicles and bicycles, helping reduce carbon footprints.


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In-Store and Special Delivery Capabilities For Last Mile

In-Store Time Slot Booking: Customers can book a time slot to pick up their items in-store. This ensures that their orders are ready when they arrive.


White-Glove Delivery Capabilities: For special deliveries, we offer white-glove service. This includes handling items that require special care or installation.


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Fleet Management

Own Fleet vs. External Fleet Selection: Our platform allows businesses to choose between using their own fleet or an external one. This flexibility helps optimize delivery costs and efficiency.


Crowdsource/Gig Delivery Fleet Roaster Management: We manage external gig delivery fleets, including their schedules and costs. This ensures that we always have drivers available when needed.

Address and Delivery Verification for Last Mile Delivery

Address Verification Capabilities: Our system verifies delivery addresses using geocoding and third-party map providers. This helps prevent delivery errors.


Locker/PUDO Network Delivery Option: We offer delivery to lockers and pickup drop-off locations. This gives customers more flexibility in receiving their orders.


Locker Size Consideration During Allocation: Our system considers parcel size when assigning deliveries to lockers. This ensures that packages fit properly.

Route Optimization and Quick Commerce in Last Mile Delivery

Vehicle Route Optimization for Asset-Based Companies: We optimize delivery routes to make the best use of our fleet. This includes reducing travel time and fuel costs.


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Quick Commerce Continuous Routing Capabilities: Our platform supports quick commerce with continuous routing. This means we can handle deliveries in less than an hour.

External Carrier Network (3PL) in Last Mile Delivery

Access Through API: We provide API access to external carrier networks. This allows businesses to integrate our delivery solutions with their existing systems.


Carrier Segmentation in External Carrier Library: Our system segments carriers based on territory and other factors. This helps in choosing the best carrier for each delivery.


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Sustainability Options

End-Consumer Self-Scheduling Based on Fleet’s Carbon Footprint: Customers can schedule deliveries based on the carbon footprint of the fleet. This promotes sustainability over speed or cost.

Driver Routing

Optimal Parking Location Based on Delivery Stop: We optimize routes to include the best parking spots near delivery locations. This is especially useful in busy areas.


Vehicle Loading Optimization: We can optimize cargo load but do not support loading zones creation. Our system optimizes how cargo is loaded into vehicles, but we do not create specific loading zones.


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LogiNext’s capabilities in last mile delivery ensure that businesses can provide their customers with flexible, efficient, and sustainable delivery options.


Types of Last Mile Delivery Services Offered by LogiNext

Mobile App Features in Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions

Driver App

Order Details and Route Information: Our driver app provides detailed order information and routes. This helps drivers manage their deliveries effectively.


Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD): Drivers can capture electronic proof of delivery through the app. This ensures accurate record-keeping.


Identity Verification at Delivery Point: The app includes identity verification features, such as password entry. This ensures that deliveries are made to the correct person.


Image Capture and Parcel Label Scan: Drivers can capture images and scan parcel labels. This information is sent to the backend system in real-time.


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Payment Capabilities

Cash on Delivery (COD): We support cash on delivery payments. This is convenient for customers who prefer to pay in cash.


Digital and Card Payments: Our app also accepts digital and card payments. This includes payment wallets and integration with payment gateways.


LogiNext’s mobile app enhances driver efficiency and customer satisfaction with real-time order management, proof of delivery, and multiple payment options.

Reverse Logistics in Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions

Returns Management

In-Route Stops for Returns Collection: We can include stops for returns collection during delivery routes. This makes the returns process more efficient.


In-Route Locker Pick-Up Stops for Returns Collection: Returns can also be picked up from locker boxes during delivery routes. This provides more flexibility for customers.


Track and Trace Visibility for Asset-Based and Non-Asset-Based Organizations: We offer track and trace visibility for all types of organizations. This ensures that returns are monitored throughout the process.


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Customer Returns Portal

Support Level: We provide a comprehensive portal for managing and tracking returns. Customers can easily book, manage, and track their return shipments.

Communication Management

Customer Communication Management: Our platform manages communication between businesses and customers. This includes updates on the status of return shipments.


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LogiNext’s reverse logistics solutions streamline the returns process, ensuring visibility and efficient management from collection to tracking.

Analytics and Integrations in Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions

Advanced Analytics

Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics: We offer advanced analytics to help businesses understand and predict trends. This includes diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics.

Sustainability Insights

Carbon Footprint Measurement and Fuel Efficiency Analysis: Our platform provides insights into carbon footprints and fuel efficiency. This helps businesses improve their sustainability.


DOM, WMS, ERP Systems: We support integrations with various systems, including DOM, WMS, and ERP. This ensures seamless operations and data flow.


LogiNext provides advanced analytics and seamless integrations to help businesses make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

Customer Engagement and Experience Features in Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions

Time Slotting and Rescheduling

Time Slotting Capabilities: Customers can select time slots for their deliveries. This ensures that deliveries are made at their convenience.


End-Consumer Delivery Reschedule/Redirect Options: Customers can reschedule or redirect deliveries after check-out. This provides flexibility and improves customer satisfaction.

Rating and Branding

Delivery Rating by Consumer: Customers can rate their delivery experience. This feedback helps us improve our services.


Consumer Rating by Delivery Driver: Drivers can also rate customers. This helps in maintaining a high standard of service.


Customer Web-Portal Branding Capabilities: We offer customizable branding for customer web-portals. This ensures a consistent brand experience.

Tracking and Notifications

Web-Portal Live Order Tracking: Customers can track their orders live through our web-portal. This keeps them informed about their delivery status.


End-Consumer Personalized Updates on Shipment Status: We provide personalized updates on shipment status. This includes dynamic tags in SMS and email notifications.

Marketing and Communication

Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Our platform supports targeted marketing campaigns. Businesses can send personalized messages based on order and customer location.


Additional Features Offered by LogiNext’s Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions

– Alerts via SMS/Email for every step of the order journey


– Automatic ETA revisions visible on the order tracking screen


– Tracking screen embeddable on desktop & mobile apps


– Proof of Delivery/Proof of Pickup visible on tracking screens


– Unified customer experience across IVR, WhatsApp, Email, and SMS


– Capturing ratings & reviews and running promotions via a single interface


– Consistent brand experience with white-labeling capabilities


LogiNext ensures exceptional customer engagement with advanced time slotting, real-time tracking, personalized updates, and targeted marketing campaigns.

The Best Last Mile Delivery Technology Solutions in the Market

Experience the future of last mile delivery with LogiNext. Our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Book a demo today to see how we can transform your delivery operations! By leveraging advanced last mile delivery technology, businesses can ensure timely, efficient, and eco-friendly deliveries, meeting the evolving demands of consumers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your delivery services – book a demo now and see the difference for yourself!



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