5 Reasons You Should Choose Carrier Integration for Smoother Deliveries

5 Reasons You Should Choose Carrier Integration for Smoother Deliveries

Focusing on consumer demand and meeting all expectations is a big deal in today’s fast-paced digital world. While customers are ready to pay extra for faster deliveries, enterprises need to have a solid logistics game to keep them satisfied. Imagine ordering a burger that was supposed to be at your doorstep in 20 minutes but it took 35 minutes for the delivery agent to reach you. You might not choose to order from the same restaurant again!


Time is the most crucial factor that defines success in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Having a logistics channel partner sounds like a feasible option but how do you manage timely deliveries during peak business hours? Do you face a driver shortage? Are you worried that logistics is consuming most of your money? Is your logistics partner increasing the rates considering your increasing demand?


If you have all these questions, this article will offer the ultimate solution without affecting your customer experience!


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Driver utilization can be a major roadblock for delivery restaurants as hiring them according to the need of peak hours wouldn’t be a wise choice. While the drivers might be busy with order surges during breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, having idle hours for minimum order deliveries will ultimately result in more costs for unmanaged resources. You don’t want to pay extra to drivers who weren’t engaged all the time during their working hours, do you?


However, in this case, having third-party carriers integrated can be a win-win solution for everyone!

Why is Carrier Integration Marketplace Important for the Quick Service Restaurants Industry?

Many quick service restaurants have been operating their businesses with a single logistics partner channel but as the business grows, the demand will be higher. Take a look at the top 5 reasons you should consider a carrier partner for smoother food deliveries.


5 Reasons to choose Carrier Integartion Marketplace


  • Reduced Costs: The liberty of choosing a specific delivery partner basis the type of services provided and rates offered is a huge advantage for restaurant owners. While a permanent shipping carrier may quote varied prices depending on your demand, you can choose to save a huge amount of money by picking from a list of carriers available.


  • Faster Deliveries: Delivering multiple orders with limited resources can be a time consuming task. However, choosing a carrier partner with the fastest delivery options is the ultimate way to keep your customers happy. You have the freedom to choose the most convenient and suitable carrier for your last-mile deliveries.


  • End-to-End Visibility: Involving multiple platforms or sites to get a complete view of the order and delivery progress isn’t a feasible option for everyone. No matter how simplified or complicated the workflow becomes, juggling these different carriers and their systems can’t be an easy job if done individually. Hence, choose carrier integration for a single view!


  • Efficient Order Tracking: It is both essential for restaurants and customers to have complete visibility of their orders. While choosing a third-party carrier for delivery might be a new addition, it does not change anything for the restaurant or the customer with their order tracking. One can still get to know when the order was dispatched, what’s the driver’s location, and the order ETA.


  • Happier Customers: At the end of the day, everything works well if the customer is happy and willing to place an order again. Customer loyalty plays a huge role in the success of QSR business owners and having a smooth logistics process is half the job done already.


These set of benefits definitely sound appealing before choosing a trusted carrier integration. However, QSR industry folks usually have three common questions to ask before they make a final decision:


  • – Do I really need carrier integration for my business?
  • – What are the prerequisites for implementing carrier integration?
  • – How do I pick the most affordable option to serve my customers?


If you also have these questions, we have an answer for you that’d solve all the delivery relations issues for your business.

Introducing LogiNext’s Carrier Integration Marketplace- Your solution for timely deliveries!

If you are an enterprise dealing with several orders every day and paying extra dollars for the logistics, you definitely need to check out LogiNext’s Carrier Integration Marketplace (CIM). No matter if the order is a family meal or just a refreshing coffee, the LogiNext platform will intelligently select the riders to make the deliveries. It can even determine if a certain carrier is the best choice for the delivery or if other options are to be explored. With easy one-touch integration, you can choose to integrate with a third-party carrier depending on factors like rates, delivery time, and more! In this entire process, nothing changes for the customer. They can easily track their order delivery status without any hassle!


LogiNext's Carrier Integration Marketplace


Choosing LogiNext will not just make your delivery process faster but also offer multiple other benefits like:


  • – Faster order deliveries with automated allocation of orders to carriers
  • – Freedom to take full control of your delivery operations
  • – Single-window view of all carrier movement for a clear view.
  • – Tap into external riders without increasing costs or compromising customer experience with CIM


Take control of your logistics in an affordable way with LogiNext!


Wish to learn more about CIM? Press the red button and get in touch with our team of experts at LogiNext who’re ready to answer your questions happily!



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