Do you have multi-compartment vehicles? We got your back!

Salient features-

    • – With multi-compartment vehicles, get help with loading and unloading products that require varying temperatures.
    • – Efficient route planning helps reduce your logistics costs for deliveries.
    • – Ensure maximum customer satisfaction by delivering orders in optimal condition.
    • – Get detailed reports from the reports and analytics dashboard for optimizing your business needs.

    The cost to transport goods keeps increasing. Businesses have started to use multi-compartment vehicles to save costs on logistics and meet their delivery requirements. Using a compartment configuration for your delivery vehicle and adding route optimization to the mix will help your business reduce the cost of deliveries. Delivery management software will help manage your multi-compartment vehicles using a compartment configuration feature. This will help with seamless deliveries from the warehouse to stores or the end consumers.

    Assign Orders Based On Compartment Specifications:

    Using multi-compartment vehicles, you can easily assign the orders based on the units’ length, breadth, and height or add the capacity using units, weight, and volume. Depending on the orders received, you can fill the compartments and let route planning help the driver deliver the orders using a sustainable route. Temperature setting is an additional option that the operations manager can configure to ensure smoother deliveries with minimum return trips. The orders are placed in the configured compartments to help load the vehicle (for transportation), enabling better planning and handling of the orders.

    Compartment Configuration Feature For Fleet Management

    Improving Fleet Efficiency:

    When multiple orders need to be delivered, multi-compartment planning will help assign orders (within a geo-coded area) within the same delivery vehicle (instead of using multiple delivery associates to deliver the order). This will help fill your fleet to the maximum capacity and avoid rescheduling the orders. This will also help your business beat the driver shortage, as your fleets would be utilized completely, reducing the trips needed to cover your orders.

    Faster Deliveries, Assured!

    A multi-compartment vehicle helps your operations manager arrange the orders in a specific manner, which will help them manage the delivery efficiently. Once the truck or a delivery vehicle is filled as per the orders, you can be ensured they would be delivered at the earliest using advanced route planning software. Hence, assuring you of timely deliveries to improve customer experience. An example to ensure faster deliveries would be adding extra units in the vehicle (at the warehouse), so when the driver gets new orders (for the same items being delivered), they can be delivered faster (as they were carrying additional units before leaving for delivery).

    Multi-compartment Vehicle Use Cases:

    – Multi-compartment logistics can play an important role, especially in the grocery (retail sector), which needs temperature-specific planning to ensure groceries can be delivered as per requirements like deep-frozen, dairy, fresh, and ambient temperatures.

    – They have use cases in the delivery of electronic items like laptops, computers, batteries, etc., which need to be transported at average room temperature (not too high, nor too low) to avoid damage to the batteries and casings. And also help with the placement of laptops in their specified location.

    – Transportation of medicines and pharmaceuticals needs extreme caution as they are temperature sensitive. Hence a multi-compartment vehicle can help ease your logistics needs with temperature-controlled segregation of items.

    – They can be used by the food and beverage industry for last-mile delivery. Compartments can be made to ensure burgers, fries, and cold/ hot drinks are easily segregated. This will ensure maximum customer satisfaction upon receiving the order.

    – The CPG industry can use them for middle-mile operations to get items of different shapes and quantities distributed efficiently. For example, cold drinks of 200mL, 500mL, and 1L can easily be placed in different compartments to ensure maximum space utilization.

    Benefits of Multi-compartment Vehicles For Efficient Delivery Management:

    – Ensure hassle-free transportation of goods: With the help of compartment planning, businesses can easily plan deliveries for goods of different shapes, sizes, volumes, fragility, etc. So, whether for all-mile or last-mile use cases, you can enjoy seamless transportation of goods.

    – Auto allocation to compartment-configured vehicles: With our delivery management system, the compartment planning feature helps auto-allocate orders based on item specifications.

    – Vehicle storage optimization: Compartment planning will ensure goods are efficiently placed and storage space is efficiently utilized to ensure maximum orders can be delivered in a single trip.

    – Enhancing customer experience: In the end, customer experience is of utmost importance for any delivery. The use of compartment planning ensures the warehouse/ store can easily place items in the vehicle and deliver them in optimal condition.

    Are you on the lookout for a logistics expert? Want to plan your multi-compartment vehicles for faster and more efficient deliveries? Choose LogiNext to help meet your deliveries with complete confidence. Our advanced delivery management software solution will help plan and optimize your delivery vehicle using the multi-compartment feature, making it the best solution for your goods to reach the customer earliest. Having served over 50 countries and 200+ enterprises our delivery management software will ensure you utilize your fleet to the fullest and help with faster deliveries for the best customer experience. 

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