Top 7 delivery management software in 2023

Top 7 Best Delivery Management Software in 2023

Delivering products on time has never been more important than it is today. With the rapid growth of eCommerce over the last two decades along with transportation, retail, and other industries, faster delivery has become mandatory. Offering timely delivery needs a lot of backend work with delivery management software, focusing on operational efficiency, supply chain management, and tracking.


A suitable delivery management software can help your business flourish by offering timely deliveries that ultimately result in satisfied customers and recurring revenue. While there are multiple options available in the market, choosing the best delivery management solution needs intense research.


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  1. Understanding the Importance of Delivery Management Software

  2. Top 7 Delivery Management Software in 2023

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Understanding the Importance of Delivery Management Software

Various industries like eCommerce, retail, CEP, F&B, and transportation have one thing in common that can make or break the business- Need for timely deliveries. Did you know that the Delivery Management Software market was $ 1,611.30 million and is expected to go up to $ 3,729.46 million with a 10.82 % CAGR till 2027? This report from Verified Market Research tells about the massive impact of having delivery management software.


Hence, if you wish customer satisfaction and loyalty, you must invest in suitable Delivery Management Software. Period.


Be it first-mile, middle-mile, or last-mile, it is always essential to optimize deliveries, align the shipping process, and track orders. Investing in delivery management software offers multiple benefits like-

1. Streamlined Operations

2. Lowered Costs

3. End-to-end Visibility

4. Customer Retention

In this article, we’ve made a list of popular delivery management software that are frequently used by industries. This list will help you in making more informed decisions for choosing the right fit for your business.

Top 7 Delivery Management Software in 2023


1. LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Book A Demo



LogiNext is one of the top companies offering logistics automation services to various industries across the globe. With clients on 5 continents, LogiNext has significantly revolutionized the way logistics takes place for first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile deliveries.


LogiNext offers one of the top Delivery Management Software in 2023 with multiple unique features resulting in customer satisfaction and recurring orders.


Powerful and easy-to-use delivery management software for your delivery business- LogiNext


Let’s take a look at the top features that are focused on offering seamless delivery, effortless optimization, smooth execution, and convenience for dispatchers, drivers, shippers, and everyone involved.


Route Planning- Identify shorter, faster, and more convenient routes for customer deliveries in multiple locations and time windows.


Live Tracking- Conveniently view the live status of all the moving delivery vehicles and stay updated on their status.


Delivery Validation- Secure deliveries during the time of handover by proper validation for a hassle-free experience.


Schedule Planning- Make the most of intelligent schedule planning and order allocation to reach every customer in time.


Automated Allocation- Pick the most suitable driver for making deliveries based on major factors like time and distance to offer convenience on the go.


Field Scheduled Planning- Prioritize advanced scheduling and journey planning for your field service representatives.


Pick and Drop Optimization- Utilize a single interface to optimize all the picks and drops and have a clear view of them.


Route Optimization- Guide all the executives through fast and safer routes to reach the delivery destination in time.


Order Sequencing- Plan the pickup and delivery schedules by utilizing the resources and time in the best possible way.


Haul Route Planning- Reduce overall cost and increase the efficiency of logistics with end-to-end haul route planning.


Driver Behaviour Analysis- Provide all the information about the driver, their current location, and activity status to analyze behavior for driver safety as well as timely delivery.


Compartment Planning- Facilitate a variety of items being delivered at once with convenient planning for each compartment in the fleet.


Fleet Tracking- Provide overall information on the current status of the fleet to keep everyone in the system and customers informed.


Fleet Optimization- Offer convenient optimization of single or multiple fleets for faster deliveries and reduced cost.


Hub Load Balancing- Ensure that the right agents are assigned for the right delivery focusing on capacity utilization.


Driver App- Dedicated app for drivers for faster deliveries, collecting ePOD, and also getting incentives for the work done.

2. Tookan

Jungleworks- Tookan Home Page



Focused on offering smarter deliveries, Tookan is a cloud-based delivery management system. Tookan helps streamline delivery operations on the go with a variety of features like real-time tracking, proof of delivery, and end-to-end visibility. Tookan focuses on making the day at work easier for everyone in the supply chain including delivery managers, shippers, and drivers.


Check out everything about Tookan and its features here.




– Offers convenient customer support services


– Ensures timely delivery with real-time tracking




– The price offered is very high compared to others in the market


– Features offered as not suitable for large-scale businesses

3. Route4Me

Route4Me Home Page



Route4Me is a cloud-based Delivery Routing Software that helps in managing multiple deliveries at a single time. Proficient in planning, scheduling, and optimizing deliveries daily, weekly, and monthly, Route4me resolves the day-to-day challenges in the logistics industry. The product is available on the web, android as well as iOS platforms.


Click here to learn more about Route4Me.




– Has a dedicated feature to showcase the entire functionality of the product on a single-screen


– Offers a free 7-day trial to get an understanding of the product




– Common features like identifying duplicate addresses are not offered


– Offers flat rate-based pricing which can turn expensive

4. Upper

Upper Route Planning Software



Upper is one of the very advanced delivery management software in 2023 that helps in enhancing delivery operations and expanding your business. This feature-rich platform makes deliveries more seamless with smoother execution. Sending accurate ETAs, providing detailed reports, and importing CSV or Excel for adding delivery stops are some of the top features.


Click here to learn everything about Upper.




– Offers a range of features for end-to-end streamlining of deliveries


– Provides the most convenient way to gather proof of delivery




– Offers limited users access to the price quoted


– The integration feature at times displays glitches

5. FarEye

FarEye Last Mile Delivery Software



FarEye specializes in last-mile delivery optimization and offers multiple features that make deliveries smoother. The major focus for FarEye is offering a great experience to the end customers in a cost-effective manner. They offer major features such as route optimization, live tracking, same-day and next-day delivery.


Click here to learn everything about FarEye.




– Offers smoother delivery options for the cost provided


– Allows management of deliveries from a place and keeps track of them




– The user interface is difficult to understand for the customers


– Major dependency on customer specs that slows down the process.

6. Bringg

Bringg Delivery Management Platform



Bringg offers convenience in last-mile delivery operations with multi-carrier management and driver management. This all-in-one solution for efficient delivery management enables a hassle-free delivery experience which eventually results in reduced rates of delayed deliveries. Bringg can offer the most simplified delivery experience in an easy-to-understand way.


Learn how Bringg can be your delivery solution by clicking here.




– Easy to understand and use application for end customers


– Offers calling and messaging features from the app




– The app at times shows glitches and keeps shutting down abruptly


– The map feature and suggested order for package delivery had its flaws.

7. Track-POD

Track-POD Delivery Management Software



Known majorly for the proof of delivery feature, Track-POD is an adaptable delivery management software. It majorly focuses on efficiency and optimization and is a fit for organizations of all sizes. It also offers various delivery management tools to prioritize the management of multiple deliveries easily.


Learn everything about Track-POD by clicking here.




– Offers a very simplified proof of delivery by capturing e-signatures


– Allows customization with delivery notifications for better communication




– Difficult for dispatchers to edit or update routes once the delivery is started


– Offline mode doesn’t function properly as location update isn’t supported well

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Delivery Management Software

1. What are the essential key features to consider in the best delivery management software?


In today’s fast-paced era when time is everything, the major features that you need to consider include live tracking, real-time updates and customized notifications, route optimization, and fleet management. Fortunately, LogiNext’s delivery management system provides all these features in their package for every industry.



2. What kind of support and training options are available for users of Delivery Management Software?


Various organizations offering Delivery Management Software services have multiple ways of support and training modules. You should choose a platform that offers 24& support and enough training sessions for your team to get well-versed with the product. LogiNext offers 24*7 support from the industry experts on the team. They also offer multiple dedicated industry training sessions specially customized for client use cases and feature developments.



3. How important is it to attend a demo call before purchasing Delivery Management Software?


The demo call gives you a fair understanding of the product, its features, and various functionalities. By setting up a demo session, you can identify how LogiNext can help you enhance your overall delivery experience and streamline your operations in multiple ways.


4. How to pick the best Delivery Management Software for your organization?

Picking the most suitable choice with multiple options available in the market can be a confusing task. However, analyzing your specific needs, defining a budget that your organization can afford, and determining the outcome that you wish to achieve can be of major help. Here are the top 5 things you should consider before choosing the best delivery management software for your organization.


– Check out the list of services and features offered


– Identify the overall cost that would be included in onboarding


– Identify what type of support services would be offered by the delivery management solution


– Define a priority list of items that must be included in the product


– How does the product contribute to better customer experience and speedy deliveries


Make a real difference in your business by choosing the most appropriate delivery management solution from the list mentioned above. You’ll see significant growth by picking any of them as all of these are the best ones in the market. However, you can also choose to have a free trial and understand the product before purchasing it.


Discover how LogiNext can transform your delivery management system and help you deliver excellence throughout the journey.


Elevate your delivery game with LogiNext today!



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