[Infographic] 5 Key Supply Chain Trends on the Rise

Customer expectations have skyrocketed over the last couple of years and the pandemic has also brought in some irreversible changes in the global supply supply chain using supply chain visibility software. Infusion of technology is one key trend and without on-the-ground experience of helping 200+ enterprise customers automate logistics, we’ve come up with an infographic which highlights some of the major changes in the ecosystem. Here are some of the trends we look at:

1. Rise of smarter, faster deliveries: Quick commerce is no longer a fad, it has brought out some enormous changes in terms of retail infrastructure and more.

2. Gig economy and the possibilities: With the rise of the gig economy, traditional businesses now have the possibility to open up new revenue channels. Platforms like LogiNext can help brands do this by service area profiling and service type features.

3. Five trends within five trends: Check out the infographic to see some of the microtrends in the news.

4. Customer experience: This is on everyone’s mind. How to deliver the next level of customer experience?

5. SaaS is eating the world: There are tonnes of reasons why SaaS is preferred over on-premise when it comes to logistics automation.

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