Streamline deliveries using home delivery management software

Going Into The Depths Of Home Delivery Management Software

– The use of home delivery management software has seen businesses improve their number of successful and on-time deliveries by 15%


– The global home delivery management software market size is projected to reach $4012 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 12.7% from 2020 to 2027. [1]


– Implementing home delivery management software resulted in a 20% reduction in delivery time and a 30% reduction in delivery costs.


– 77% of customers say that the delivery experience, including speed and accuracy, impacts their decision to shop with a retailer again.


As observed from the stats above, home delivery management software is a powerful tool to help businesses streamline and manage their home delivery operations. As the popularity of online shopping and home delivery services keeps rising, it has become essential for businesses to have a robust delivery management software system that can automate and optimize their delivery processes.


Home delivery management software can help businesses with order processing, route planning, dispatching, delivery tracking, and customer communication. It offers real-time visibility into delivery operations, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, reduce delivery times, and improve customer satisfaction.


Having efficient and reliable home delivery management software is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and meet the demands of their customers. This blog will cover all the important aspects that one needs to know about home delivery management software.

What is home delivery management software?

In simple terms, home delivery management software helps with faster and more efficient home delivery. Whether it be for food delivery or eCommerce parcels being delivered to your doorstep. Some of the key features associated with the best home delivery management software include-


– Processing orders for deliveries

– Assigning orders to drivers

– Collecting proof of delivery


Why do we need delivery management software?

Delivery management software helps with scaling the operationality of the delivery team to improve delivery efficiency. Some of the key pointers that discuss why businesses need delivery management software include-


– Define the mode of delivery based on the parcel size (width, weight, volume).

– Help with faster delivery with barcode scanning for orders.

– Tracking order status in real-time.

– Automating dispatch and delivery schedules for maximum fleet efficiency.

– Get help with route planning and route optimization for home delivery.

– Keep a check on driver tracking behavior that can track multiple consignments. 

– Creation of custom reports to keep track of on-time deliveries, successful and failed deliveries, customer feedback, payments, and more. 

How does home delivery service work?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about home delivery? For me, it’s about food delivery. Numerous food delivery apps can be found on the App Store and Google play store users can download them.


These apps have helped countless delivery drivers with job opportunities and help customers enjoy hot meals at their convenience. Some of the top companies that offer home delivery services for the food industry include DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, etc.


The main benefit of home delivery service is it allows the customer to place orders directly from the app by selecting the store and placing the order. A delivery associate (delivery driver) is assigned to get the order delivered to your desired location. Restaurants get exposure to newer audiences and improve revenue.


Some restaurants offer their own app which can be used to book orders while offering additional discounts and customer benefits. The use of home delivery management software will allow businesses to have proper tracking for every order, enhancing visibility and showcasing areas of improvement for top-notch home delivery service.

What is the difference between home delivery and shipping?

When you are running a business, you must have come across terms like home delivery and shipping. While both deal with the transportation of goods and services, they aren’t the same.


A shipping message usually describes the day and time of the movement of goods from the warehouse to the customer. It does not include last-mile delivery.


The shipping process includes the following steps- 


Order Updation: Once the customer places an order, the inventory is checked for the availability of the order. The shipping process involves collaborating with the manufacturer/ supplier to get the item to the warehouse. The order details are confirmed with details of the customer’s name, address, and payment.


Order Fulfillment: Once all the above steps are completed, the order is assigned to the right delivery associate (driver) to get the delivery completed. As soon as the order leaves the warehouse, the shipping message is sent out to the customer stating the order is out for delivery.


While the home delivery message will offer the exact time the delivery will be completed at the customer’s address. These are useful for last-mile delivery.


The delivery process includes the following steps-


Order reception: Customers who place orders will have their orders displayed on the order management system.


Driver Allocation: Once the order is prepared (food delivery) or when a parcel is packed and ready to be delivered, drivers are assigned for each order.


Leaving the store: The orders packed will be scanned and the inventory/ order list will be updated before handing it to the delivery driver. The time of delivery is sent to the customer via email, SMS, or the delivery app.


Delivery: The driver can then collect a proof of delivery that can include eSign, photo, collection of payment, and feedback.


What is the difference between home delivery and shipping?

What is the top home delivery management software in the market?

Home delivery management software has become crucial for businesses to reach new customer bases and improve revenue. As it helps with successful on-time delivery, reduce delivery costs, and improve the customer experience they are a must-have for the logistics industry.


Some of the top players for home delivery management include the likes of LogiNext Mile, Fleetroot, MetaPack, AfterShip, etc. LogiNext Mile offers the delivery routing software solutions for home delivery that includes end-to-end real-time visibility, optimized delivery routes, proof of delivery, and more. This helps the businesses ensure the best practices are being followed for deliveries, enhancing reliability and reducing the cost of delivery in the long run.


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