Live Screen Enhances Real-time Visibility Platform

5 Ways Live Screen Helps Enhance Real-Time Visibility Platform

Complete operational visibility is what all logistics and supply chain organizations strive for. Ideally, a real-time visibility platform requires information to be updated at a very high frequency (every second), making it very desirable for organizations to install one.  Eventually, the use of GPS and IoT devices combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps with predictive insights to streamline operations. As per a Gartner report that surveyed 1000 supply chain professionals, “60% of CSCOs are expected to make faster, more accurate and consistent decisions in real time”.

How Big is the Real-time Visibility Market?

As per a Gartner report, the real-time visibility market size was $300 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $1 billion by 2024. The real-time visibility platform offers companies and consumers live updates of the items ordered. The information is obtained from unique GPS and telematic hardware placed on the truck, bike, or container transporting the goods and is activated as soon as the vehicle leaves the manufacturing plant or warehouse/ hub. 

Why is Real-time Visibility Important?

In today’s fast-paced and data-centric world, real-time visibility is crucial for businesses and organizations to reach their targets. 

Why is Real-time Visibility Important?

Proactive Decision Making- With a real-time visibility platform, obtain insights into numerous business aspects like fleet operations, customer interactions, and more. Dispatchers can now proactively respond to changes and make data-driven decisions promptly.

Enhance Operational Efficiency- With real-time visibility, dispatchers can now identify the bottlenecks and promptly take corrective action. This helps reduce downtime, reduce costly errors, and improve operational efficiency and productivity.

Improve Customer Satisfaction- Customers get real-time order tracking, get customer support, and real-time communication which enhances their delivery experience. This leads to building a loyal customer base and spreading positive word of mouth.

Seamless Resource Allocation- With real-time data, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently. Having a bird-eye view of resource utilization and performance allows organizations to optimize resource allocation and avoid over- or under-utilization.

Meet Regulatory Requirements- Compliance and regulatory requirements have become strict requirements to be adhered to. With a real-time visibility platform, businesses can monitor and report on critical data points promptly. This helps avoid penalties and maintain brand reputation.

5 Specialities About LogiNext’s Live Screen

The Live Screen is LogiNext’s answer to the need for real-time visibility for on-ground operations. From tracking all orders on the left, map screen at the center to trip and delivery associate status on the right, it gives a single-screen view of entire operations. 

5 Specialities About LogiNext’s Live Screen

1- Real-time Data Visualization: Firstly, the Live Screen helps transform complex datasets into visually appealing and easy-to-understand cue cards. Further, this empowers decision-makers with up-to-the-minute insights, enabling them to identify issues and resolve them on the fly.

Order Card View- Get details of Unassigned, Assigned, Intransit, Delivered, Attempted, and Canceled Orders. 

Trip Card View- Get details of Started Trips, Not Started Trips, and Ended Trips.

Delivery Associate Card View- Get details for All Delivery Associates, Intransit Delivery Associates, Available Delivery Associates, Absent Delivery Associates, and Inactive Delivery Associates.

Live Screen on LogiNext's Real-time Visibility Platform

2- Collaborative Monitoring: Multiple team members can view and interact with live data simultaneously using a Live Screen. This generally enables cross-functional collaboration, enabling teams from different departments to work toward the organization’s goal.

For example: In a manufacturing plant, operators and managers can access the Live Screen to monitor delivery metrics, quickly detect bottlenecks, and collectively troubleshoot issues in real time. The seamless sharing of information ensures that everyone is on the same page, leading to faster problem-solving and improved productivity.

3- Alerts and Notifications: With Live Screen, dispatchers will be alerted and notified of events, such as delivery status, ETAs, and potential delays. Additionally, this will help the dispatcher proactively address issues and communicate with delivery associates effectively.

For example: When an order is in transit, and there’s a roadblock ahead in the planned route, the dispatcher just needs to enter the order number, click on All Actions, and then Notify the Delivery Associate. Or Under the Delivery Associate Tab, find the Delivery Associate tagged to the order and message him or Notify the Delivery Associate.

4- Real-time Tracking: Live Screen provides live GPS tracking of the fleet and delivery associate. Hence, allowing the dispatcher to monitor their movement and location in real time. This functionality allocates resources efficiently and responds promptly to any deviations or delays. The Map showcases all the Trips associated with the Orders. Additional Map settings include the Selection of the Map View (Google Maps or Open Street View Maps), Map Type (Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite, Hybrid), Map Theme (Day or Night), and Miscellaneous.

5- Intelligent Manual Assignments: Sometimes there may be situations where there has been a problem with order allocation. Here the dispatcher gets the power to manually assign these orders to delivery associates. However, the advantage here is the dispatcher can directly assign the orders to a trip or a delivery associate with just three clicks! 

Intelligent Manual Assignment of Orders in Real-time Visibility Platform

Orders can be –

– Manually Assigned to a Trip

– Manually Assigned to a Delivery Associate

– Auto Assigned to the Nearest Delivery Associate

– Auto Assigned to Existing Route

– Geocoded

Benefits of Real-time Tracking With Live Screen

– Real-time Visibility for Enhanced Dispatcher Experience

– Proactive Problem Solving To Handle Order Bottlenecks

– Optimal Resource Utilization For Maximum Fleet Efficiency

– Driver Compliance To Meet Scheduled Delivery Times

– Accurate Delivery Estimates With Live ETA Calculation

Are you looking to streamline your operations using a real-time visibility platform? Let LogiNext be your partner to offer end-to-end visibility of your operations. Click the red button below to connect with an expert.

In conclusion, explore the transformative power of real-time visibility in logistics through LogiNext’s Live Screen functionality. Elevate supply chain efficiency and decision-making with cutting-edge supply chain visibility software. Stay ahead, stay informed.



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