How can supply chain control tower help improve logistics visibility

Create Value From Visibility With the Power of Supply Chain Control Tower

Real-time visibility in logistics is one of the major factors that determines the customer experience. A supply chain control tower is a wholesome dashboard that consists of all the data and key business metrics for the logistics supply chain. In today’s era where customers always find new options for their needs, building customer loyalty has become essential. With the power of a supply chain control tower, it becomes easy to capture and control real-time data to make more informed decisions.


According to Gartner, this logistics control tower helps in combining people, processes, organizations, data, and technology.


Built by leveraging advanced technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, logistics control towers offer visibility and easy access to up-to-date information for better supply chain agility and resilience.


72% of supply chain “masters” believe control tower capabilities will be critical to enable their customer experience-led growth- Accenture


Using a smart control tower will eventually also help in better team collaboration to accelerate decision-making for crucial data points such as proper utilization of delivery associates. Supply chain control towers are mostly useful for the supply chain managers to have a 360-degree view and make amends accordingly.

Variety of Supply Chain Control Towers

The modern era of the supply chain needs to have transparency and no silos while offering insights into specific areas of the supply chain. The variety of supply chain control towers are as follows:


1. Fulfillment Control Towers

2. Transportation Control Towers

3. Inventory Control Towers

4. Operational Control Towers

5. Analytical Control Towers

6. Logistics Control Towers


Key Benefits of the Supply Chain Control Tower Include:

Key benefits of supply chain control tower


End-to-end and real-time visibility in Logistics- Enhance proactive supply chain management with Supply Chain Visibility Software, providing insight across suppliers, transporters, manufacturers, warehouses, and third-party logistics providers through control towers.


Better Decision-Making- Accurate forecasting helps in better use of data and focusing on predictive analysis. This ultimately results in efficient operations and tips to get better results in the future.


Enhanced Productivity- The journey from expectations to reality becomes easier with faster operations without delay. Using a supply chain control tower, one can expect minimized hours that are majorly involved in research and streamlining operations.


Better Communication- Using a supply chain control tower helps businesses better partnerships and communication between different critical partners in the network. Every participant can access the required information and communicate conveniently.


Lowered Costs for Operations- Reduced time in resolving exceptions can be a huge cost saver in the logistics business. With the help of accurate and timely data across the supply chain, optimizing logistics and inventory management becomes easy.


Better Chance to Boost Customer Loyalty- The final outcome of using a logistics control tower is ultimately having a better customer experience and offering them satisfactory services. This can help in boosting customer loyalty in several ways.

LogiNext’s Control Tower:

With LogiNext as your logistics partner, you’d never have to worry about end-to-end and real-time visibility in logistics. The full-fledged supply chain control tower helps you with faster answers and actionable items to work on. At LogiNext, we understand that the need to act quickly has never been more important. This is best achieved with purpose-built control towers designed to optimize core supply chain functions. For example, a purpose-built control tower could give you essential real-time insights to manage inventory more effectively.

Take a look at how Control Tower benefits your business in a nutshell:

Managing Logistics can be a cumbersome process without having in-depth actionable data for better streamlining and efficient operations. Let’s see how major logistics problems are solved using a control tower.


Infographic on how control tower helps improve logistics operations


LogiNext is a global technology firm that offers a SaaS-based delivery automation platform. The use of supply chain control tower is used across industries ranging from Retail and eCommerce, Food and Beverage, Courier, Express and Parcel, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Transportation and Logistics. Handle daily operations with a single-screen operations visibility to make informed decisions. Want to get more details on how the control tower can enhance your supply chain operations? Click the red button below.



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