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LogiNext 2023 Rewind

2023 was quite an impactful year for LogiNext. Before we jump to the trend #NewYearNewMe, let’s review the key milestones and achievements that have shaped our success. Each month reveals a strategic move, a significant achievement, or a notable recognition that collectively paints a vivid picture of our organization’s resilience and commitment to excellence. Join us as we showcase the highlights that shaped our narrative and set the stage for an even more compelling future.

Adventurous January

Workation to Greece!


We began the new year by traveling to Greece! This 5-day workation helped the team regroup and enhance customer service. We won’t make you read more just view the complete Greece workation video below.


Jan 2023- LogiNext Goes Greece


Triumphant February

Success Story: MaltaPost


There’s no better way to validate your software than having your customer give feedback. Take a look into what MaltaPost CEO, Mr. Joseph Gafa, and the Head of Business Process Design MaltaPost Kenneth Spiteri have to say about how LogiNext has helped streamline Malta’s Postal Operations. Watch the complete video below-


Malta Post Success Story- LogiNext takes care of end-to-end CEP operations in Malta

Revolutionary March

Smart Delivery Expo


We were the Platinum Sponsors for this event. Our VP of Sales held a keynote speech attracting old and upcoming players from the Delivery, Postal, Parcel, eCommerce, Retail, Last Mile Delivery, Logistics, and Supply Chain Sectors.


Smart Delivery Expo 2023 LogiNext

Pioneering April

ET Retail Award


LogiNext won the ET Retail award for the best logistics e-retail partner of the year. The awards were open to businesses that dealt with different segments like Retailers, e-retailers, retail chains, malls, e-commerce sites, D2C brands, and Individuals.


LogiNext wins ET Retail Award 2023

Inspirational May

Success Story: Zippee


In yet another testament to our delivery management software, here’s Zippee’s Founder- Madhav Kasturia, City Lead- Prince Kuriakose with Product and Strategy Head -Mohit Singh, describing how we have helped streamline their dark store operations. Watch the complete video below-


Success Stories- Zippee x LogiNext


LogiNext Premier League (LNPL)


LogiNext Premier League 2023

Strategic June

Home Delivery World and QSR Media UK


Our team attended two exciting events, one in the US and the other in the UK. We started with Home Delivery World and followed it with QSR Media UK. These events helped showcase our product to a large audience, helping gain new prospects and building a stronghold in the logistics SaaS industry.


Home Delivery World and QSR Media Events LogiNext

Collaborative July

LogiNext x CP Axtra PCL


We help Makro and Lotus’s businesses take full advantage of the latest and greatest in logistics technology for constantly improving their customer experience, reducing delivery costs, and driving growth. 


Here’s what Dhaval Thanki, EVP- APAC and MEA had to say about the partnership. “CP Axtra’s relentless focus on their customers and their strategic approach to delivery process optimization augur perfectly well in the context of what our platform solves for them.”


Here’s what Paul Stephen Howe, Group Chief Information Technology Officier, CP Axtra had to say about the partnership. “With LogiNext enabled digitization and real-time visibility into our logistics operations, we can provide seamless shopping experiences to our customers while bridging the online and offline worlds.”


CP Axtra X LogiNext streamlining retail deliveries

Visionary August

Gartner® Hype Cycle– Sample Vendor Mention


LogiNext was mentioned as a sample vendor in Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for last mile delivery solutions. It’s the third consecutive year that we have been mentioned in the Hype Cycle. 


We have been at the forefront of optimizing last mile deliveries through our offerings. This acknowledgment reaffirms the growing importance of technology solutions in revolutionizing the final leg of the delivery process.” stated Dhaval Thanki, EVP- APAC & MEA, LogiNext


Gartner Hype Cycle Mentions LogiNext for 3rd consecutive year

Groundbreaking September

LogiNext Basecamp


As we continued to expand, this was the perfect opportunity for the team members, old and new, India and abroad to come together in the Mumbai Office. This one-week basecamp had some of the most engaging activities that saw employees from business and product grouped, take part in several activities, and end with a luxurious resort stay before saying the final goodbyes! 


LogiNext Base Camp 2023

Insightful October

WION Interview


LogiNext got covered via WION. Here’s the complete coverage unraveling the success story of Dhruvil Sanghvi, Founder, and CEO of LogiNext, who made everyday delivery services easier and faster than ever to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Watch the complete video below-


WION- Billion Dollar Idea- LogiNext - Dhruvil Sanghvi

Distinctive November

Representative Vendor in Gartner® Market Guide For Vehicle Routing and Scheduling


In yet another milestone, we were mentioned as a representative vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for Vehicle Routing and Scheduling. The focus was on streamlining transportation, home delivery, omnichannel fulfillment, and the B2B distribution market. We have helped clients meet their delivery requirements. This was met by optimized order scheduling, real-time communication, routing, dispatching, and real-time tracking. This helped reduce logistics costs and improve operational efficiency. We have an active client base across the Americas, Europe, APCA, and MEA. We offer operational excellence with Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) in the 3PL, Food Service, Home Delivery, Courier, Express and Parcel, and Consumer Packaged Goods.


LogiNext named as representative vendor in market guide for vehicle routing and scheduling

Efficient December

FIFO Order Assignment


As the race of final mile delivery heats up, the concept of First In First Out (FIFO) Order Assignment in Logistics Planning Software is making headlines. To meet customer expectations, we have developed the FIFO feature. When enabled, it allows our customers to get orders dispatched on a first come first served basis.


Do read: How is LogiNext’s Logistics Management Software streamlining operations using FIFO


FIFO Order Assignment LogiNext


As we bid farewell to an exceptional year filled with accomplishments, partnerships, and groundbreaking moments, we stand poised on the threshold of a promising future. The milestones achieved in 2023 not only reflect our resilience but also amplify our commitment to excellence, innovation, and strategic growth. We’ve honed our capabilities, learned valuable lessons, and forged connections that will propel us forward with each success and challenge. As we look back into 2023 with pride, let’s carry the momentum into 2024, anticipating fresh opportunities, collaborations, and triumphs.


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