Last Mile Delivery Expectations From 2024

Last Mile Delivery Expectation from 2024

Considering the current era of booming automated logistics and eCommerce, delivery speed, customer delight, and seamless fulfillment are no longer just buzzwords. Last mile delivery is making same day and next day delivery flawlessly possible. As we are close to 2024, customer expectations shall just get bigger when it comes to convenience in shopping and online deliveries. Be it fashion or food choices, smoother last mile delivery operations lift up the customer experience exponentially.


It won’t be wrong to say that last mile delivery is the most important phase of the supply chain. This is the stage where the product reaches the customer and anything that goes wrong here can have a huge impact on the overall supply chain because the customer is the king.


Let’s dive deep and understand what are the upgraded expectations of customers from last mile delivery for the year 2024.

Why is Last Mile Delivery So Popular?

In the post-pandemic era, the global logistics ecosystem took a major shift and online delivery became so popular that it has become a necessity. People prefer online shopping over visiting stores and ordering food over going out to dine. A study on global same-day delivery services showcases the market rose from $6.44 billion in 2022 to $7.93 billion in 2023 at a CAGR of 23.1 percent. This number shall go higher in 2024 as customers would expect more convenience, quality, and comfort.

Top 4 Industries that must offer same day delivery

Top 4 industries that must offer same day delivery in 2024


Last mile delivery accounts for more than 50% of the total shipping cost and is an essential leg of every logistics business. Hence, the target audience of last mile delivery remains very vast for various businesses and their end users. If you’re reading this article right now, you’re an end user of some logistics business.

eCommerce and Online Retail:

According to a McKinsey research report, 90% of shoppers expect 2-3 days free delivery for their orders. Reliable suppliers and a robust system are essential for eCommerce retailers to meet the demands of their customers. As the eCommerce industry is rapidly growing, failed deliveries can be a huge setback. Hence every eCommerce and online retail business needs to prioritize last mile delivery.

Healthcare Industry:

Getting the right medication in case of emergency is the utmost priority for the healthcare industry. Last mile delivery is the only way where the healthcare industry can utilize skilled and specialized drivers with experience in medical transport for good. This helps in taking care of the complex delivery requirements and strict compliance regulations.

Food and Beverages:

The food industry is a complex one with specific customer expectations and zero room for errors. As food is perishable and needs special care while shipping, delivering to the restaurants, stores, and the end customers need to be on time. Last mile deliveries in the F&B industry ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty toward your brand and services.

Manufacturing and Industrial Distribution:

For industrial goods, the movement from manufacturing through the supply chain to wholesale organizations and eventually to businesses has a significant impact on many industries. While manufacturing industries serve various businesses, it becomes essential to have timely deliveries, transparent visibility, and clear communication for customer satisfaction. Last mile delivery for the manufacturing industry ensures streamlined distribution, contingency plans in place, and end-to-end visibility.

Top Trends to Focus on Last Mile Delivery for 2024

Top Trends to focus in last mile delivery in 2024


Pop Up Warehouses: Transportation time and costs are the major factors that can make or break the last mile delivery game significantly. Pop Up or urban warehouses will be a popular trend in 2024 as it allows the relocating of products from the dedicated warehouses. In this way, whenever an order is placed, the warehouses are closer to the customers. Hence the deliveries can be faster while significantly reducing the transportation time and costs involved.


Electric Vehicles (EVs): Businesses in today’s time have a major responsibility towards the environment and reducing their carbon footprint is a must. Electric vehicles are an ideal option for last mile deliveries as most batteries are sufficient for last mile deliveries and can be easily topped off for the next day’s route.


Rapid Order Fulfillment: The same-day delivery trend made popular by Amazon has become a necessity for various businesses because of the ‘want it now’ attitude coming from the customers. 2024 will witness more same-day deliveries. The features of having an advanced ordering system help businesses stay relevant and deliver on time.


Hybrid Fleet Management: Using a combination of in-house fleets as well as third-party logistics providers isn’t a new thing. However, the intensity of using this effective combination with real-time fleet tracking will significantly grow in 2024 as the number of orders for various businesses will keep on increasing with the demand. LogiNext is a well-versed platform that has multiple third-party integrations with various costs. Enterprises can choose from the available options considering their requirements and the cost offered.


Autonomous Technology: According to research by Capgemini, Labor and human-associated costs account for up to 60% of all last-mile delivery expenses. Going ahead, technological advancements shall take over the major last mile delivery duties that include major costs. With the rapid adoption of self-driving vehicles like drones, the labor cost can significantly be reduced. This ultimately helps businesses in dealing with unnecessary carbon emissions along with a plethora of benefits like cost saving and timely deliveries.

How can LogiNext help in being your reliable partner for last mile delivery?

At LogiNext, we believe in offering convenience, visibility, streamlined operations, and driver empowerment when it comes to last mile deliveries. Choosing the right last mile delivery software that offers the perfect blend of technology, innovation, convenience, and efficient costing is mandatory for businesses to have a strong logistics game. LogiNext, with its user-friendly features, helps businesses explore various opportunities to streamline their last mile operations using in-house fleets as well as third-party carriers.


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