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How LogiNext is Leveraging the Power of AI to Build Smarter Payout Systems in the Logistics World

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road,” said Stuart Brand, a famous American writer. While this quote stands true for every business in today’s digital era, logistics is one of the domains where technology has made a huge contribution. Especially in the post-Covid era where everyone wants their orders delivered to their doorstep. Using logistics management software is crucial to meet today’s customer needs.


In current times, AI is more than just a buzzword. It is a smarter way of streamlining operations, reducing manual intervention, automating processes, and ultimately offering a better customer experience. Logistics has evolved specifically from recent times when things were done manually till today when everything is automated. LogiNext strives to simplify end-to-end process by automating the payouts process for smarter pricing models, efficient deliveries, and loyal customers.


Check out how automation of payouts with AI helps in overall delivery process. With automation of payments and streamlining end-to-end processes. Here’s how the best logistics management software can impact your operations.


LogiNext's Payment Module for Logistics Management Software


    – Offering Smart AI-based Pricing and Costing- Carriers and drivers play a key role in the entire logistics process. An ideal logistics management solution offers a way to calculate rates for various carriers and drivers depending on multiple factors like delivery time, product specifications, distance to be covered, surcharges, reattempts, and many more. Doing all of this manually for numerous orders coming every hour is impossible for businesses. LogiNext offers a full-fledged AI-based pricing and costing model for you to choose from a list of carriers with varied costs to pick the most suitable one for your shipments.

    – Providing Facility to Capture Digital Payments– The traditional way of payment cash payments is a challenge in today’s cashless world. While customers wish to make instant and cashless payments, LogiNext offers convenience of integration with multiple payment gateways to collect cashless payments for smoother transactions. This not only offers convenience to the customers but also helps businesses in handling their payments in a much more aligned manner.

    – Introducing Incentive driven Financial model for drivers- As drivers are the most hardworking ones in the entire logistics chain, it becomes essential to keep them motivated and reward them for the job they do. With LogiNext’s convenient payment model, businesses can build a revenue model depending on incentives and additional fees for drivers for various situations like completing a certain number of deliveries, putting in extra hours or working on holidays like Thanksgiving. At the end, having empathy and emotional understanding motivates the drivers to enjoy their work and be prompt with deliveries.

    – Scaling Revenue with Smarter Decisions– No matter if it is a driver or a third party carrier, having a revenue model that determines rates charts which benefits the businesses as well as carriers and drivers is a plus. Depending on the needs and demands, you can choose from the available rate charts listed in the logistics management software to make smarter decisions. Pick a suitable carrier that fits your requirements of order fulfillment and budgets without compromising on delivery time and other priorities. Automate payments in a way that scaling your revenue model becomes a convenient option with rule-based payment methods.

    – Streamlining End-to-End Operations– The first step of managing payments is to identify an affordable payment module that suits your needs. While LogiNext helps you do this with the logistics management software conveniently, it ultimately helps in streamlining your costing and overall operations with smart pricing and automated process without any manual intervention. Right from auto assigning the orders conveniently to the most suitable carrier, till offering digital payment option to the customers, streamline your end-to-end process with LogiNext.


Benefits of Logistics Management Software Payouts


Customers are impatient in today’s time with multiple options available in the market. Having an automated system is essential for convenient payments and a flexible revenue model. This offers multiple benefits like time-saving, creating smart pricing models, and choosing the right carriers for deliveries. LogiNext, with the power of AI, doesn’t only help you automate your payment module but also helps in achieving cost efficiency and faster revenue growth. This helps with offering a convenient customer experience.


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