How does the Tesla Trip Planning Work?

Whenever we read about EVs or electric vehicles, Tesla is the first thing popping in our minds. Tesla is a mammoth company that revolutionized the automotive industry. Built solely by the visionary Elon Musk, Tesla is one subject no one in the tech industry can avoid. The company’s market cap recently crossed $1 trillion and In the US, Tesla has strong hold over the EV (electronic vehicle) market.  

One question that comes up while buying an EV car is how much can a vehicle go on one charge. Tesla’s cars can go up to 250 miles on a single charge but one very cool feature of the Tesla trip planning (much like what LogiNext gives to enterprises for their route planning). 

How does the Tesla Trip Planner Work?

On the portal, we put in the origin on the East Coast in New York and the destination as San Francisco, the world’s tech capital on the West Coast. The trip planner works it magic and gives the most efficient route with charging stations on the way for this 55 hour journey across the country (close to 3000 miles) and with estimated fuel savings of $400.

Tesla Trip Planning

What is route planning?

Route planning is a method of calculating and analyzing the effective way of transporting goods/items from one place to another. It is determining which is the best route to cover a journey considering various halts. Currently, Tesla has a route planning system set up for commercial and passenger vehicles in the US. 

Along with mapping the way, Tesla’s route planning software shows how many charging stations are present on the course, how many super-chargers are available, and the waiting time at each charging station. Currently, the majority of the route planning operations are in the US, but they are expanding into developed countries like UAE, Singapore, Japan, and China.

Route planning and Route optimization as a broader concept

In the above case, route optimization is used for finding the best path that covers charging stations. Why is route delivery software needed with the advent of EVs?

  1. Sometimes it might get tricky with batteries, and knowing the exact super-charging station is very important for the drivers.
  2. Overcharging may be harmful to the batteries; hence, route planning shows how many miles before the next charging station and how much time is required to charge the batteries.
  3. Commercial vehicles, most of the time, carry a heavy load. The route planning software enables the driver to know the shortest route possible, considering the necessary halts for charging.
  4. For short-distance delivery as well, route planning will be essential. Route planning will help avoid traffic and thus save battery life. 
  5. Accurate ETA calculation is one crucial worry solved by the route planning software.

Now, a similar use case is faced by enterprises across domains- Quick Service Restaurants for delivering multiple orders, Post and Parcel companies for delivering packages, and transportation companies for delivering shipments.

This is where a solution like the LogiNext Platform comes in. A transportation automation platform, LogiNext’s SaaS platform gives brands the ability to deliver in the best possible manner. Some of the key features include:

AI and ML magic for your order allocation

Magical order allocation: Set your parameters and let the LogiNext MILE platform automatically schedule the orders into trips with maximum efficiency.

Do what Google Maps can’t: LogiNext’s advanced route optimization algorithms helps you manage thousands of orders and multiple stops for the most efficient route plans. 

A Sleek and Modern End Customer Experience

Digital signs with ePOD: Electronic Proof of Delivery has become the new normal after the pandemic, integrate the latest ePOD system to ensure seamless digital sign processes. 

Happy customers, happy you! We’re laser-focused on the end customer and have built several tools and features with a modern UI to ensure happy end customers. 

Transportation Automation Platform for the Uber Age

Deliver fast, deliver now: Advanced AI and ML route planning algorithms help you automatically plan the best routes for your hybrid delivery fleet. Deliver exactly at the time your customers want. 

State of the art driver app: The LogiNext Driver App for iOS and Android has all the latest features for complete ease of use to your delivery partners!

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