How a field management system and logistics management solutions turned a Star Wars Story in to a Rogue master-plan?

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away… there were many instances of logistics management going haywire. Along came an up and coming stalwart of the free republic, LogiNext, who set things right. You can find a lot of references to the positive influence of the field workforce management experts in the Star Wars universe. This is the story of how they changed the course of time and what you need to learn from it.

The Prequel: Ever Imagined How Darth Vader Must Have Used Field Workforce Optimization Software to Manage His Army of Stormtroopers?

Imagine Darth Vader Using Field Workforce Optimization Software

As you already know, there once was a Death Star, which could double as a planet-destroying weapon.

Let’s understand the aspect of logistics management solutions that made the Death Star into a reality. Three might have been a barrage of imperial fleets constantly delivery materials to the development site. The manager would have had to use some form of galactic fleet management software to keep track of all the shipments.

Master Yoda Speaks: “ GPS vehicle tracking system , use you will. Able to manage your fleet, you will be. Great power in resource capacity management, there is”

Learning: What he means is that you should always ensure that you utilize GPS vehicle tracking to make sure that your shipments reach their destinies without any unforeseen events. Along with this you should use resource capacity management fundamentals to properly use fleets.

Resource capacity management along with a system to perform real-time tracking of each shipment through GPS vehicle tracking systems would have been paramount while building the Death Star. With so many imperial shipments rushing through space, there would be the eminent danger of being trapped by the Rebel Alliance. The manager would then have to utilize a proper delivery route planning software with proper field workforce management to ensure than no shipment was delayed, captured, or destroyed on its way to the Death Star.

The Heist: How to Optimize a Small Team to Pull Off a Brilliant Strategy?

Optimizing your operations team for logistics planning

After all the secrecy, and the non-disclosure contracts that Darth Vader made his Stormtroopers sign, word still got out about the location of the building plans of the Death Star. And hence began the heist to save a galaxy far far away, using state-of-the-art logistics management solutions.

Master Yoda Speaks: “Optimize field workforce management, to win if you want. Field service management, the answer is.”

Learning: What he means here is quite clear, but what you should learn is that never have a negative mindset while planning your field workforce management structure. You could manage your resources to use your limited workforce with proper field service management tactics and achieve the impossible. No, not Mission Impossible.

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Now Jyn Erso along with her team were tasked with the almost unassailable task of fetching the plans from under Vader’s nose. What ensued was the magic of efficient field service management that streamlined each team member’s tasks to the minutest details and Jyn Erso managed to achieve her goal and save the universe.

The Assault: How to Use GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Perform Route Optimization?

using GPS technology for route optimization

Luke Skywalker took it upon himself to end the Empire’s reign of terror by trusting his inner voice. He believed that he was the chosen one in The Matrix of the Force, a Jedi master. The force was strong with him. For everyone else, GPS vehicle tracking system was a great help.

Master Yoda Speaks for the last time: “Boost your chances, you will. GPS vehicle tracking with Real-time analytics, use you will.

Learning: What he means is that you should balance real-time analytics with tracking. Using just one without the other would not give you a complete picture. Expert analysis coupled with a real-time field workforce management system can help you utilize your delivery route planning software.

All this led to Luke Skywalker reaching a stone’s throw distance from the dysfunctional duct. A proton torpedo later… well we know what happened after that. Kaboom!!!

The Moral: How do you learn from this and use it in your own organization?

Importance of logistics management software

Key learnings from Star Wars that you can use in your organization:

  • While building a project, always use proper logistics management solutions to efficiently utilize resource capacity and process timelines.
  • While competing with a big player who outweighs you in terms of man-power, always concentrate on your strength and target it properly. In terms of logistics management solutions, ensure that you use the best field workforce management systems to manage the real-time analytics and maximize the efforts of your team.

Key learnings for the Die-Hard fans of Star Wars:

  • If Darth Vader hadn’t used GPS vehicle tracking to track R2D2 to Tatooine, Luke Skywalker would have no motivation to fight his biological father.
  • If Darth Vader had just stored the plans of the Death Star on a Secure Cloud Location, Jyn Erso would have a very difficult task.

Let the Force be with you…

(P.S.: You might find not so hidden titles of other famous movie franchises. Comment if you want logistics analysis of any one such franchise)

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