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Welcome to the World of Organised Logistics
Ever imagined all your shipments, vehicles, carriers and even your on-field workforce being tracked in real-time on a single map interface? And what if you could plan their routes and capacity in the most cost-optimized way?
real-time route planning, real-time tracking and real-time analytics
LogiNext offers highly configurable enterprise software to make your supply chain more real-time. Be it first mile pick-ups, last mile deliveries, long haul transportation, on-demand or reverse logistics or even remote workforce management, LogiNext has got them all covered.
Capacity Planning
Real-Time Analytics
Resource Management
Real-Time Visibility
Detailed Reports
API Integration
Our Clients
"D-Mart has been associated with LogiNext since early 2015. We appreciate the flexibility with which LogiNext works in tandem with our requirements. They understand what we ask for and their system is configurable to match the requirements accordingly. This system is a powerful tool and is useful in every aspect starting load balancing analysing patterns. We have saved time and money by using Loginext's system."
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