Delivery Networks Just Got Better!

  • Real time tracking means more visibility and control on your delivery network

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  • Looking into the Future With Extensive M2M Analytics

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  • Route Optimization brings sets standards for customer service in Logistics Industry

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  • Business Process Automation with Advanced Data Analytics and Visualization

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TRACK-A-PACK We are proud to introduce Track-A-Pack which will take logistics to the next level by helping logistics companies with real-time delivery tracking thereby gaining complete control of their high value shipments. Our solution is here to make delayed and lost shipments a thing of the past via advanced package tracking.Click here to see how.


BIG DATA ANALYTICS LogiNext Track-A-Pack utilises Big Data Technologies for advanced logistics management. Visual data representation means better insights about moving assets, distribution networks, inventory of goods thus proving to be an advanced logistics solution.


LOGISTICS AUTOMATION Our solution will aid the business process automation within the logistics industry. It frees you from the hassle of using complex and expensive technologies to analyse and optimize your logistics network and sorting and warehousing facilities.