Comprehensive Solutions

We employ smart technology and big data analytics in supply chain using Internet of Things (IoT) to serve every client need. LogiNext’s Mile, LogiNext Haul, LogiNext On-Demand, LogiNext Force and LogiNext Reverse Logistics optimization tools are highly automated and configurable enterprise logistics software solutions which will enable streamlined operations and lower costs. All the products are enabled with Real-Time Live logistics Tracking, routing and scheduling features.
LogiNext Mile
Delivery Optimization
About 30% of the logistics cost is spent on last mile delivery. The solution provides automated optimization for capacity and route planning to help reduce this cost.
LogiNext Haul
Transport Analytics
LogiNext Haul provides automated optimization for route planning, and an Intercity vehicle tracking solution.
LogiNext On Demand
This solution works like a charm if you are interested in "Uberification" of your logistics or delivery service.
LogiNext Reverse
Delivery Automation
This solution works like a charm if you are interested in "Uberification" of your logistics or delivery service, especially as a Logistic Solution to Hyperlocal Delivery.
LogiNext Force
Transport Analytics
The solution entails Sales force management by monitoring their movements, by ensuring their efficiency is increased. A better planning helps in covering maximum deliveries in minimum of time.
Other offerings
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Route optimization
Perfect solution to Optimize your routes using our advanced routing engine to deliver more with less.
ETA Calculation
Know precisely by when your deliveries reach their destination for that extra sense of calm.
Real-Time Tracking
Hassle free tracking of your shipments, visible on a single dashboard.