Ace your first-mile and last-mile deliveries with transportation automation

An efficient delivery system is becoming a global trend for business success. Without a streamlined delivery tracking system, companies that deal with product deliveries are finding it hard to improve their position in the market. With e-commerce playing a vital role in local and global trade, consumer goods require an optimum delivery route to customers’ doorsteps and internally in the form of B2B fulfilment as well. As an enterprise or an SMB, logistics technology is absolutely necessary to be infused into processes to stay relevant.

With a delivery routing software like LogiNext, you can ensure that your logistics operations do not skip a beat in offering seamless delivery services for your customers. In this article, we’re going to explore the areas you need to think of to digitise and automate your deliveries across miles (first, middle and last).

Importance of a transportation automation platform

The first and last mile of distribution of goods is very crucial to the modern retailer. In a world where everybody expects their goods to arrive at their doorstep almost as quickly as they made the decision to purchase, delivery route optimization and an efficient supply chain are necessary.

LogiNext is a logistics and field services management software that automates your business’s operations by tracking deliveries, planning the routes, and informing the necessary personnel of actions to be taken. That way, your business is always ready to deliver goods from the first mile up to the last mile of a customer’s location.

What is first-mile delivery and last-mile delivery?

The first mile is a reference to the movement of any goods from a retailer to the courier service or an entity that can reach these goods to the end-consumer in a CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel) scenario. For e-commerce & retail, it maybe from the warehouse to the store.  On the other hand, the last mile refers to the final movement of goods to the users who ordered the item. If you want to have a strong relationship with the market, the entire delivery chain should have visibility and tracking capabilities.

It’s impossible for a single retailer to overlook the potential delivery routes of each customer, especially when the business expands and covers varying geographies. That’s where delivery route optimization is integrated into a full-fledged software to automate the deliveries, from pick up to the final user ratings.

SaaS products like LogiNext Mile offers the opportunity for enterprises to plug and play the software straight away without any tech intervention and is also helpful for SMBs who’re looking to scale up their business. Through several AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) driven features, the LogiNext solution is an ideal transportation management system with inbuilt tools and technologies to scale up your business even further. From the first-mile delivery to the last-mile delivery, the LogiNext engine can be integrated easily into your existing infrastructure to provide records, tracking, analytics, and effective administration of all your logistics routes for delivery.

Let’s explore how:

Delivery Associate Management

Driver Performance Boost

As visibility is the biggest concern in field workforce management for logistics globally, an intelligent system is necessary to track field agent movements, delivery associates, medical reps and technicians. What if you could do this in real-time? LogiNext offers dedicated tools for workforce management to ensure that your logistics operations and those behind the wheel are always ready to receive and fulfil orders. With real-time analytics, your route planning is up for delivery route optimization. You can track and monitor every single representative and field worker in real-time on an integrated map.

Insightful data analytics and stats

End-to-end visibility : Control Tower

Logistics operations require fuel to consistently perform. With real-time insights and analytics, you can visualize the data required to keep your supply chain moving. Logistics management features of LogiNext allow you to predict the future accurately with smart analysis and intelligent optimization of your logistics management on the field. From the moment an order is received to the fulfilment, LogiNext will assess every step of the way to keep you in control. This makes LogiNext the best transportation management system and workforce management software at the same time.

Real-time visibility and tracking capability

A dedicated delivery tracking begins from the pick up of your goods by a delivery associate to every level of transportation. From the first- to the last-mile delivery, your assets are secure and prompt with a system to overview, analyze and report the status of each delivery. With LogiNext, your search for delivery logistics operations management and field service analytics are prompt, reliable and steadfast.

Easy integration and simple interface

The intelligent technology for logistics management and delivery tracking system is built for easy integration into existing business infrastructure. Whether a standalone or integrated system, the LogiNext technology can be implemented for successful delivery route optimization, last-mile delivery, route planning, workforce management and transportation management all-in-one place. Create and fulfil orders by staying ahead of every step of the delivery process from initiation to fulfilment using intelligent software that is built to withstand everything your business requires to grow.

With the ideal solution to manage your logistics operations, a delivery tracking system with inbuilt features to monitor, administer and analyze the workforce operations, a business can scale up and meet the demands of modern commerce. As supply chain logistics evolve with the latest technology, LogiNext introduces the ideal option for businesses to equip themselves with state-of-the-art tools for business process automation. Stay ahead of the curve with effective first mile delivery to last-mile delivery that ensures maximum functionality and exceptional customer experiences.

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