LogiNext Shines in E-Commerce Festival Heavy Season

It’s time for us to say goodbye September while rejuvenating ourselves to buckle up for the upcoming Festive quarter. From Big Billion Day to Black Friday, everyone is preparing aggressively to serve the burgeoning demands of the market. But wait, did you know how we empowered our clients this September (2016)?

Here are some interesting developments which we are eager to share with you:

Further to the Business Summit, LogiNext Successfully Expands in ASEAN Market

After E-commerce baron, Alibaba’s Jack Ma accepted to assist Indonesian Government over e-commerce strategies, it was time for us to expand rapidly in the ASEAN countries. LogiNext is already present in Singapore and Hongkong and now will soon start its operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

So far, LogiNext has acquired 638 customers across various industries and enabled them to save more than $18 million with approximately 10% added efficiency to their businesses.

A Cost-Cutting Journey Empowered by LogiNext — ‘Myntra’ is a must watch Story Tale of Success

Being amongst the top 5 players in the E-commerce world, Myntra experienced heavy intra-city and inter-city logistics influx, however, managing the supply chain with scalability became more challenging. Furthermore experiencing a surge in the volume of customer requests to track their shipment, Myntra was finding it difficult to provide periodic real-time alerts related to their purchase.

LogiNext filled the technology gap with its advanced Shipment Tracking and Analytics Software, offered under their specialized SaaS products, LogiNext Haul™ and LogiNext Mile™. The products are known for providing the best features like real-time alerts, real-time optimization of routes, and delay alerts of the fleet and shipments. The software has led Myntra to save double-digit percentage in its annual logistics expenditure.

Bombay to Bangkok: LogiNext Was Omnipresent

LogiNext creates waves in supply chain and retail

This September, we took networking to the next level. Our CEO, Mr. Dhruvil Sanghvi attended the TILOG, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 21st September. On the same day, we were a part of two major events — ELSC(Express, Logistics, and Supply Chain) and IRF (Indian Retail Forum) in Mumbai. These events gave us a chance to connect with industry leaders in both Supply Chain and Retail. A delightful experience altogether, we were surprised to receive an overwhelming response from these industries.

One More to the Continuous Innovation, LogiNext in the Top 100 List of Red Herring Asia

Red Herring Winner

Observing the disruptive impact of our awesome products, we have been named amongst the 100 most innovative startup from NetApp, CIO, Aegis Graham Bell Awards. This marks LogiNext’s amazing journey from a start-up to a successful enterprise, included within the best 100 Asian Companies recognized by Red Herring. Large organizations like Google, Facebook, Kakao, Alibaba, Twitter, Rakuten, Salesforce.com, Xiaomi, and YouTube went through the same journey. In fact, Red Herring was amongst the very few who recognized their true potential that will disrupt the way we live, work and interact.

Entrepreneur turned Investor — an AMA session with Mr. Sanjay Mehta

AMA Session with Sanjay Mehta

Adding more to innovation and excellent business strategies, LogiNext is creating a generation of entrepreneurs. To inspire the entrepreneurial minds, we had a session with Mr. Sanjay Mehta, LogiNext’s first investor. He has been brilliant in explaining different investment trends, theories, and philosophies related to entrepreneurs and investors. Earlier to him, it was Ex-CFO of Ola Mitesh Shah, who made it to monthly AMA session held at Indian Headquarters in Mumbai.

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