Myntra’s Cost-Cutting Journey Empowered by LogiNext


“Yes You Can”

  • Can you completely optimize delivery routes? — Yes you can
  • Can you build an extensive inter-city and intra-city delivery network? — Yes you can
  • Can you track every delivery vehicle in real-time? — Yes you can
  • Can you effortlessly manage a large fleet of vehicles? — Yes you can
  • Can you capture customer location data in real-time and optimize your last mile delivery? — Yes you can
  • Can you save huge on logistics and field service management costs? — Yes you can


However, we are well aware of the basic skepticism which drives the decision-making process of our human race. Hence, we are sharing a tale of success with you, a tale of how one of the largest fashion e-tailers saved big time on their logistics costs, by integrating LogiNext’s Haul™ and Mile™.


Watch the revelation of success directly from Myntra’s, SVP-Supply Chain, Mr. Rajul Jain.


“Deploying the latest technology is the only way forward for businesses today and we are extremely pleased to have found the best partner in LogiNext Solutions. Their expertise in the field of big data analytics and real-time tracking has significantly helped us to track the shipment, optimize routes and provide our valued customers with the precise ETA/ETD. We recommend LogiNext for anyone looking to streamline their logistics, gain better visibility of shipments and delivery personnel and cut-down the operational costs.”

– Rajul Jain, SVP-Supply Chain, Myntra


“Solving the logistics conundrum for Myntra was a challenge we have enjoyed solving. Since the fashion e-commerce brand had experienced phenomenal growth in its popularity and reach, it was crucial for the brand to solve the logistics influx. We are pleased that our solutions have contributed in reducing costs and optimizing logistics for Myntra and look forward to a
long-term association with the brand.”

– Dhruvil Sanghvi, Co-founder and CEO of LogiNext


Do you really want to keep reading other success stories? Cause we have plenty to share, however, it’s time for you to create your own success story with LogiNext, and don’t worry we will certainly brag about it.

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