Why Logistics players need to Invest in Delivery Management Solution?

According to NOVONOUS, “Indian logistic industry presently is of whooping $300 billion” and “will grow at 1.5–2 times the GDP” suggests Empirical Evidence. The influx of startups like mushroom surfacing the e-commerce array, has added to the accelerated growth. The technological advancement in this industry has led to vast customer expectations, surge in the demand but the effectiveness of supply still remains the biggest question in this highly unorganized and chaotic sector.

3PL’s, e-tailers, on-demand solution providers, retailers — The challenges are similar.

While speaking to our diverse clientele, the common problems we heard about were failing to meet their SLA’s due to an exponential increase in transactions, lack of shipment visibility leading to delay in deliveries and sometimes even loss of shipment in transit. Also, the challenge still lies in delivering in 2-tier and 3-tier Indian cities, where the addresses aren’t very-well defined and unmapped.

Trends shaping the logistics and supply chain industry

We are witnessing a gradual shift in how logistics is handled in the developing economies and most of the players in this industry are looking for answers in technological innovations to improve the current situation. One such innovation, which has caught the interest of major 3PL and logistics players, is Delivery Management Software (DMS). And here is why?

Optimize the Supply Chain Process

A high percentage of supply chain industry works in the most unconventional and traditional way. They use the “paper and pen” or the bulky Excel Sheets for delivery planning and scheduling. This manual procedure has several steps and takes a lot of time while increasing the chances of error at each step. The procedure is not only bulky but adds more complexity. This is where the delivery routing software helps you to streamline the process and makes operations hassle-free. This ensures you meet SLA’s, increase on-time deliveries and enables daily routing and scheduling.

For example one of our e-commerce clients mentioned that they have increased their delivering efficiencies by 20% after they switched to our Delivery Management Solution (DMS). The processes, which used to take several hours now gets completed within seconds. The automated process is effective and reduces the error that occurs at all steps of human intervention.

How to Save Costs with Logistics Management

The delivery management software saves you from overspending by accurately estimating data for budgeting and forecasting. By using advanced features like Multiple destination route planner, load balancing, and route optimization, it is observed that companies are saving 9% of their operational cost in early 6 months of using this solution. It also helps to review the performance of the fleet resources (drivers) and compensate them with the fitting incentives. This technology is effective, affordable and easy to manage.

Gain the Competitive Edge in Tough Global Markets

A customer experience holds high value in the business. This software helps you to cater the needs of your customer according to their convenience and satisfaction. Companies now show loyalty to customers by providing end-to-end real-time visibility of the product, right from placing of an order to receiving it creating a unique experience for the customer helping in customer retention and further customer acquisition. Also, the companies who fail to match up the new technology standards will lose their customers to their inept operations.

So, if investing a small amount for the benefits of error-free, cost-effective, time-saving and optimized deliveries then you must consider a reliable tech partner who could help you in achieving this goal.

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