What are Cheetahs, Orcas, and Hawkeyes doing at LogiNext?

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We live in a time where we are spoiled with multiple choices and options for everything – right from a TV series to binge-watching, to ordering food. This is true for businesses as well – especially with the mushrooming of multiple start-ups and companies diversifying to solve every problem out there in the market. How do you differentiate then, or more importantly, how does an enterprise customer choose the right partner for their business?


Most often than not, this comes down to customer service, to be specific – customer experience. No platform is going to be perfect, there will be downtimes or off-glitch – even the best cloud services like AWS have experienced this, and customers understand. What matters more is how the organization responds and the “experience” it provides to the customers during these times. And this is what the Client Success (CS) team at LogiNext understands really well. 


In the logistics tech space, one is dealing with enterprises working at a massive scale, and serving them is again a different challenge altogether. And this is an art that is being honed continuously at LogiNext under the tutelage of Nishit Saurav, who leads the functions. Putting the customer first is something that is continuously ingrained in the culture right from the leadership level, and it percolates through the organization.


Like any enterprise service, LogiNext receives its fair share of customer tickets – with each requiring a varying degree of resolution effort. But all tickets have to be treated with equal respect and resolved/responded to as soon as possible. To ensure this happens and also keep an element of fun within the team, we’ve devised a system to gamify the process by having a leaderboard when it comes to problem-solving at LogiNext. There are several awards that are given out monthly and quarter based on different criteria, here are some: 


The Cheetah Award: As you might have guessed, it’s the award that recognizes the sheer speed at which the tickets are closed. The person who resolves maximum tickets with minimum monthly breaches wins the award. 


Criteria for selection: One Software Engineer (SE)-CS with the possibility of one Sr. SE-CS.

Points calculated as per ticket levels- 


  • Immediate = 10 points
  • Urgent = 7 points
  • High = 4 points
  • Normal = 3 points
  • Low = 2 points
  • Reopen = -3 points


Previous Winner: Rohan Gavandi (April + May 2022)


CS-SE - Cheetah-Rohan-Gavandi

Rohan Gavandi wins the Cheetah award

The Orca Award: It’s awarded only to SEs, recognizing their proficient skills in resolving critical issues for immediate/urgent crises or having identified or taken an issue that would potentially have a significant business impact every month.


Criteria for selection: One SE-CS.


Points Distribution-

  • Identifying a potentially high-impact issue in existing code and raising it for a fix.
  • Involvement in RCA & fixing complex tickets with critical client impact. 
  • Time-critical ad hoc requests for organization-level help to management or operations are beyond the boundaries of running functions.


Previous Winners: Chetan Fasale (April), Piyush Moralwar (May 2022)


CS-SE - Orca- Piyush Moralwar

Piyush Moralwar wins the Orca award


The Hawkeye Award: It’s awarded to CS engineers who maintain a constant growth rate (sinusoidal performance is not valued). They should also ensure no ticket reopens or ticket reopens should be minimal.


Previous Winners:


HawkEye (Quarterly Award) for Q1-2022 (Jan + Feb + March): Sr. SE CS- Saurabh Sharma and SE CS- Piyush Moralwar.


Hawkeye SSE-CS-Q1- Saurabh-Sharma

Saurabh Sharma wins the SSE CS Hawkeye award


Hawkeye CSE - Q1-Piyush-Moralwar

Piyush Moralwar wins the CSE CS Hawkeye award.


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Apart from the quantitative elements, this system also allows for knowledge sharing as everyone is curious about which kind of problems were solved and what impact they made.

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