Track Drivers in Real-time and Ensure SLA Compliance


Reduce your logistics management costs and increase overall efficiency by tracking drivers and their behavior in real-time. Industries, especially those with sensitive cargo and shipments, focus on tracking the behavior of their drivers to ensure service level agreement (SLA) compliance. These SLAs might be a part of their interaction with third-party logistics or distribution partners.


LogiNext gives companies the option to track drivers in real-time with regular speeding or detention updates. Right from the point of loading and dispatch, to off-loading and proof of delivery, record each event and development. Utilize LogiNext’s comprehensive reports to understand how the driver performed along each trip.


Here are a few benefits of driver behavior monitoring.


Check Instances of Speeding


Drivers may accelerate more than what is required in a rush to reach their destination earlier or make up for lost time. This is not an ideal situation for any company. Acceleration and speeding may result in errors or accidents. It might also result in merchandise damage. Many companies have sensitive merchandise that needs to be handled carefully, such as fragile furniture or electronics. Even fluids and chemicals need to be transported at a constant speed to avoid shaking and mixing. Regular speeding updates of all vehicles help the company ensure the safety of their merchandise, their vehicles, and their drivers.


Undue acceleration and eventual braking add to the maintenance costs of the vehicles. Tracking such instances can help companies to better train their drivers in vehicle maintenance and create a sense of accountability.


Check Driving Patterns at Night


Night Drive Assistance Trucker

Night Drive Alerts


Some companies have a requirement where vehicles are not to be driven in specific time-slots (usually during the night). There are many reasons that a company would require a driver to not drive a vehicle in a specific time-slot. It may be due to safety concerns in the area or it may be due to basic SLAs covering costly merchandise. Some cities have specific time-slots where they allow vehicles coming in from other cities (heavy vehicles, in particular). All these factors determine such ‘off-time’ slots for drivers. With LogiNext, companies would receive an alert when any such ‘off-time’ driving happens. The company can then act accordingly to stop the driving or take any other corrective action.


Check Route Deviations


LogiNext’s planning engine gives the most optimized route for any vehicle to use while moving from one hub to another. However, drivers may take an alternative route. The route may be longer or be prone to traffic. When the planning suggestions are not followed, it might turn into a cost for the company due to extra fuel usage or unnecessary delivery delays.


Instantaneous route deviation alerts help companies ensure that the planned and suggested routes are followed.


Check Temperature Fluctuations


Cold-chain logistics require that the temperature within the loading area of the truck be maintained at a preset level. This temperature is maintained through an air-conditioning system powered by the vehicle’s engine. Sometimes drivers turn off the air-conditioning to save on fuel on long journeys. Such actions must be monitored in real-time. Some companies allow the air-conditioning to be turned off for a brief period if the temperature doesn’t increase above a certain level.


LogiNext’s temperature tracking system ensures that every temperature variation is recorded and reported in real-time. This helps companies maintain the quality of the merchandise and track driver actions with relation to temperature control.


Check Un-Planned Detention Time


Un-planned detentions are the most observed case in fleet management. Hub managers must be in constant contact with drivers to confirm their whereabouts. But, LogiNext has effectively solved this problem by ensuring that the managers get an alert the moment any driver is detained at any point for some time. This helps the managers to check the location and the reason for the detention and act accordingly.


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