LogiNext Real-Time Technology Haul Boosts Scorpion’s Business

The Indian Transportation Industry, with a share of about 6.7% of GDP, caters to the needs of more than 1.1 billion people in India. Being one the major industry of the emerging economy , transportation, which spreads over different modes such as roads, railways, aviation, and ports, is now getting blended with technology to achieve its business goals. Before the onset of technology some of the key problems faced by the industry leader such as CONCOR, TCI, GATI, VRL, Mahindra Logistics, AllCargo were — no trend analysis of routes for predictive ETAs, visibility, and tracking of the transport vehicle and scaling up the logistics vertical. Scorpion Express is one such leading Indian company which went through similar problems.

The Curious Case of Scorpion Express:

Scorpion Express Pvt. Ltd. (SEPL) was incepted in September 2000, under the flagship of Mr. JPN Singh, which specializes in shipping time-sensitive and perishable goods. Catering to the customers pan-India, SEPL offers logistics solutions for a wide range of businesses such as pharma, shipping companies, auto industry, fertilizer industry, agriculture products, FMCG, textiles, electronic industry, handicraft and other industries.

Scorpion Express follows “Hub n Spoke“ model using a large base of warehouses, which enables them to ship their consignments all over the Indian geography. However, with scaling up, the problem of real-time tracking and visibility grew tremendously. It was very difficult for them to track the exact location of the shipment movements. They were tracking shipments manually, putting in a lot of time and human resources to get the information, which only lead them receiving inaccurate data points. This incorrect information led to flushing of considerable amount and customer dissatisfaction.

Apart from the above-said problem, another significant issue faced by SEPL was tracking speed of the vehicles carrying shipments. Catering to large pharma companies, it is necessary for vehicles to move in a regularized speed, so that the delicate pharma shipments like items packed in glass bottles, from getting damaged due to speeding or wasted due to the delayed shipments.

It was Haul to Rescue:

To resolve their persistently growing problem of tracking and visibility, LogiNext helped them with its advanced real — time technology product “HAUL”. This included Vehicle Tracking Systems, which enabled SEPL to track their vehicles carrying shipments. They now were able to get real-time data of the whereabouts of each and every shipment vehicle on a single dashboard. It is helping them in identifying delays and their drivers re-route during unfavorable weather and traffic conditions. Further going, Haul also helped them share real -time information with their customers, by updating them regularly with the location, hence building customer confidence. The product software enabled them to create geofences around 10 major hubs, to get real-time alerts of arrival and exit of shipments from various locations. They were also able to track speed of the in-transit shipment vehicles, which was necessary when carrying delicate goods and pharma products. in The SPEL’s team is delighted to track all their tracking devices effortlessly on a single dashboard and knowing every minute detail of the desired shipment at any point in time. Now, they had real and accurate information with customized reports done by big data analytics. The product Haul has helped them save a lot of time and huge expenses incurred due to the absence of the technology.

Special Mention:

Expressing his delight over the product Haul, a SPEL official mentioned to us about how technology is the need of the hour and if the logistics companies do not adapt to the newer technologies, they will soon be out of the markets. Adding to his conversation he said, that they love to work with the company who is highly tech-oriented and they are happy the way LogiNext, is solving their critical challenges. They appreciate LogiNext for making companies move better by its highly modular and configurable tech products.

If you are the one looking out for the solutions to your logistics problems, do write to us at contact@loginextsolutions.com. We are confident to solve your logistics challenges as we did it for Scorpion Express.

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