LogiNext in global Top 20 on the Latka Fastest Growing SaaS Company List

We’re delighted to announce that LogiNext has made it to the top 20 of Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS company list. 2020 was a year of unforeseen circumstances and we’re extremely proud of our foundations which helped us to grow in the past year. This recognition of making it to the Latka 250 Fastest Growing SaaS Company is more validation of LogiNext’s growth story. LogiNext is a recommended vendor by Gartner and is also a case study at the Harvard Business Review apart from several other accolades.  

We’re thrilled to share that we grew 80% between Dec 2019 and Dec 2020 and look forward to growing another 100%+ this year with new product offerings. As we’ve grown, our CEO Dhruvil Sanghvi has spent time sharing our growth story with podcast host Nathan Latka. The show has passed 13m downloads and our profile has been viewed over 30,000 times. You can listen to the last interview here:

In addition to the podcast, each year Latka publishes the Latka 250 – a list of the fastest growing SaaS companies. This year, close to 6000 companies applied and just 5% made the list.

How LogiNext is automating logistics around the globe

Our product has evolved over the years and is now a full fledged all-mile transportation automation platform. Be it CEP (Courier, Express and Parcel), Retail and E-Commerce, Transportation, QSR Chain, Healthcare or any other industry, any enterprise moving goods from one place to another at scale can use the LogiNext Mile SaaS platform to gain complete visibility and tracking capabilities across the supply chain and provide a superior customer experience. This customer may be a carrier, a shipper or the end customer ordering a product, LogiNext solution ensures a modern and sleek experience for every persona across the supply chain. These are some of the features which LogiNext Mile a favourite among clients like UPS, McDonalds and Singapore Post:

  • A real time live screen dashboard for complete visibility
  • Auto allocation powered by our proprietary AI and ML algorithms
  • A driver app which ensures delivery associate compliance and safety
  • Route optimization for a lower carbon footprint, greener future
  • Demand forecasting, 3D packing and precise ETA calculation for enterprises

More about SaaS and the Latka 250 List

SasS is eating the world and Nathan Latka has been doing a fantastic job in documenting this growing SaaS story globally. Each year,  folks at Latka get revenue growth figures from SaaS CEO’s and confirm the revenue via email with the CEO. The rankings take December 2019 monthly recurring revenue annualized (multiply by 12) and compare to revenue 1 month ago (December 2020). The companies are then split into three buckets since it’s easier to grow a $1m company 300% compared to a $10m company. The three categories are $1m-$10m, $10m-$20m, and $20m-100m. In total, the top 250 companies do $8.5 billion in revenue, service 2.2 million customers, and have raised a total of $12 billion dollars. 

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