LogiNext Drives Enterprises to Cut Down 15 Million Pounds of CO2 Emissions by 2018


LogiNext targets to reduce CO2 emission in the United States by 15 million pounds by 2018 through its clients. At the end of 2018, the client with the greatest reduction in their carbon footprint would win rebates and exclusive early access to new technology disruptions in workforce and logistics optimization. LogiNext launches a new feature in their products, ‘Track Your Footprint’ to enable their clients to track and manage the carbon emissions of their delivery trucks and other fleet movement.


Reaffirming its positon on ‘Green Logistics’ on World Environment Day, LogiNext launches its campaign encouraging its US clients to take up the cause of effective corporate social responsibility. With the logistics management industry occupying a healthy 8% of US GDP, the companies have a unique opportunity to become the game-changers in environmental conservation.


LogiNext takes the initiative to guide them along the path to reduce 15 million pounds of emissions by 2018 by launching their brand-new feature ‘Track Your Footprint’, or TYF, for its enterprise clients in the United States.


With claims that the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) might be a hurdle for effective business management, LogiNext wishes to highlight the plight of world’s bio-diversity to the same businesses. Enterprise clients would now have the option to spot their carbon footprint in their fleets and field resource utilization.


A snapshot of logistics and workforce movement in the United States:


  • LogiNext tracks more than 30 million miles a year for their clients
  • This comprises of movement of more than 10 million units across the globe.
  • This movement utilizes more than 2,000,000 gallons of fuel.
  • This fuel produces more than 36 million pounds of CO2


The simple takeaway here is that saving the environment is a ‘work in progress’.


To look at the other end of the argument, such emissions and utilization are unavoidable in the commercial world. Hence, LogiNext’s latest initiative, TYF, offers each client the ability to access the ‘Footprint’ tab on their dashboards and apps. This feature would give them,


  • real-time analysis of their fuel usage,
  • their corresponding carbon emissions,
  • and the possible carbon footprint their activities are creating.


The enterprises that bring down their carbon footprint within a year, would receive attractive payouts in terms of rebates and the first-hand exclusive experience of up-coming disruptions from LogiNext, putting them ahead of their competition.


“We all need to be more mature about how we treat our environment.”, Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO, LogiNext, “We put a fresh coat of paint on our office walls when they seem to whither so we clearly believe in maintenance. Even in a more business oriented perspective, we know that diligent maintenance in the present can save millions in repairs in the future. We want to bring the same standard in the way we handle the environment. It’s time to consider ‘nature’ as the very business we run. If we don’t go green, we might land up in the red.”


LogiNext has been extending its sustainable optimization concept to multiple countries with clients ranging from different continents. Each year, LogiNext helps its 250 enterprise clients:


  • save more than 700,000 gallons of fuel,
  • reduce their CO2 emissions by more than 12.6 million pounds,
  • achieve a 25% drop in their total emissions.


The SaaS company does this while saving the same clients up to 20% in field workforce and delivery management costs.


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