How can retail brands give a great on demand delivery experience? #HomeDeliveryAsia


Last Mile Deliveries is an intense topic of discussion around the globe post the pandemic. With consumer behavior drastically moving towards on demand delivery, QSR chains and eCommerce firms are upping their delivery management to stay relevant and thrive. LogiNext is a part of the #HomeDeliveryAsia summit where thought leaders in the space come together and talk about what’s in. This year’s theme for APAC revolved around: Innovation and disruption in Asian retail logistics, last mile delivery, and warehousing. Topics like route planning, last mile tracking, logistics management software, and fleet management were debated in detail.


At LogiNext, we’re at the thick of action powering millions of last mile deliveries across 50+ countries and tracking location data points upwards of 12 billion. Our SaaS platform gives enterprises like PizzaHut, BurgerKing, McDonald’s, Walmart, Carrefour, 7-Eleven the ability to have complete visibility and tracking capabilities over their supply chain right from the first mile (B2B fulfilment) to the last mile (delivering to the end customer with a superior customer experience). In this panel discussion, we have, David Yang (Chief Operating Officer of Paul Bakery), Vineet Sharma (Chief Customer Experience of Yum Brands) and Maneesha Bhusal (Head of Customer Experience for China’s second largest eCommerce firm, JD in Indonesia) moderated by Dhruvil Sanghvi, Chief Executive Officer at LogiNext.



What is Customer Experience?


A relatively new term but now a buzz word, customer experience is on everyon’s talking list but what does it really mean? Maneesha Bhusal of JD.ID puts it well, “CX is a proactive methodology of tracking the customer journey with a brand and shaping the journey via several touchpoints in a way that the customer is left with a delightful experience. CX is often confused with customer service but these are two very different aspects- customer service is most often passive while customer experience is a totally proactive process.”



Online deliveries for brick & mortar stores


Paul Bakery is more than a century-old chain of stores operating in the premium cafe and bakery space. They have seven stores in Singapore and more than 800 stores across the world. The pandemic led to a huge online shift and Paul Bakery also adopted the on demand delivery model but according to the chief customer operating officer of Paul Bakery, David Yang, “Though consumer behaviour is shifting towards online, we believe that the brick and mortar was of doing business is here to stay. We’ve infact opened a new store in Singapore and several more are being started in China.”


On the other hand, for a brand like Pizza Hut, the question of online deliveries and customer experience is more pressing. For QSR restaurants, delivery via food aggregators also pose a major question.


High commission rates of food aggregators


Several food aggregator apps like UberEats, DoorDash and the likes already charge close to 30% commission fees per order. This leads a lot of restaurants to think seriously about managing their own deliveries and this is where SaaS platforms like LogiNext Mile come in the picture. We help retail brands digitize, optimize, and automate deliveries via features like auto allocation of orders, advanced route planning, delivery associate management, real time delivery tracking and such.



Leveraging technology and automation


Vineet Sharma, Chief Customer Experience of Pizza Hut suggests, “Automation and leveraging technology is the way to go for any retail brand to deliver a great customer experience. The human element is not going away and is critical but every repetitive, boring task is getting automated. For any food brand, it is of paramount importance to focus on their core and keep an open mind about technology and include elements which help them grow the business.”


The last question in the session is a very interesting one and Dhruvil Sanghvi, the moderator of the session summed up the takeaways through this Twitter thread:


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