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  • UPU is working on a mobile app to facilitate efficient and affordable data exchange.
  • As return rates have increased by 70-80%, parcel lockers are the future for sustainable deliveries
  • 90% of data breaches for posts during Q1 2022 were cyber-attack related; learn about the frameworks drafted by UPU.
  • Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPost) launched a track and trace solution to improve delivery efficiency.


The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was established in 1874 and is the second oldest international organization worldwide (only behind the International Telecommunication Union, 1865). UPU’s primary role is to ensure cooperation between postal sector players of its 192 member countries. Let’s dive into some of the crucial developments carried out by UPU for the improvement of postal services.


Introducing The Electronic Advanced Data (EAD) Customs Declaration Mobile App:

Since customer experience is of utmost importance for postal services, UPU has developed an affordable EAD mobile app that will help compile quality data and submit it to the destination post. 


UPU’s Postal Technology Centre (PTC) has created this application keeping the customers and MSMEs in mind. This technology will help postal providers reduce compliance costs and digitize their end-to-end supply chain. 


With the help of this EAD app, a customer can directly input the information related to their post, which helps in faster custom clearance. Postal providers can easily retrieve the data from the Customs Declaration System (CDS) database or scan the QR code of the customer to retrieve the parcel information for validation.


The app helps customers save time while depositing their parcel (no paperwork), the postal company finds it easy to retrieve customer parcel information and the customs department gets good quality data which can be verified from the app itself.


The World Summit on the Information Society recognized the application, which awarded the App as a champion project during its 2022 conference in Geneva.


Promotion of Parcel Lockers For Postal Sustainability:

The pandemic helped eCommerce markets grow like never before, which saw a massive rise in parcel volumes. 


However, with the rapid growth, the importance of reverse logistics came to the forefront as there was a 70-80% rise in returns. To help businesses handle returns faster, more efficient, and smoother, led to the rise of parcel lockers. 


Parcel lockers were the first step taken by postal operators for sustainable deliveries, as it helps delivery vehicles have fewer trips, which reduces emission rates. 


Automated postal lockers can be easily set up by postal operators, especially in high-traffic or busy urban areas. As they are available 24/7, it helps customers place their return parcel to their nearest lockers and avoid queues at post offices. 


An additional benefit of automated postal lockers is they enable contactless deliveries as customers don’t have to visit a post-office, and the parcel can be collected as per customers’ convenience since parcel lockers are available 24/7.


Importance of Cybersecurity For Postal Services:

As digital transformation is taking over businesses, so is the risk of cyberattacks. As per the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) report, 90% of data breaches were due to cyberattacks. Hellenic Post in Greece, the Bulgarian Post, Correios Brazil, and Ukrposhta are some postal providers impacted by cybercrimes. 


Caribbean Telecommunications Union’s (CTU) Rodney Taylor believes that collaboration is key between countries, states, and organizations, to achieve effective cybersecurity. 


An Internet governance policy framework was developed to tackle the challenges of cybercrime. UPU has even developed tools that help with a secure and trusted internet space that is fully automated, offers a web-based dashboard tool, and provides real-time monitoring of POST domains.


Need For Dynamic And Innovative Courier Tracking Solutions:


The long-term postal reform program is based on modernizing postal providers through innovations such as track and trace solutions for express orders. This helps the public gain confidence in postal services, improving postal providers’ volumes, revenue, and overall quality of service.


Some of the benefits of a dynamic tracking solution include- Customer convenience (digital tracking of their parcels) and improved visibility of their orders. The operations team can monitor, review and adjust the fleet operations to improve the overall efficiency of the service provided.


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