Key Courier Management Software Functionalities For Smoother Operations

The eCommerce segment is surging ahead and shows no signs of slowing down. According to Statista, Global eCommerce retail sales are expected to reach $5.8 trillion by the end of 2022 and reach $8.2 trillion by 2026. Whether you are an enterprise or a small to medium-sized business, most are looking to have in-house courier management software. This helps reduce shipping costs and improve customer experience. A robust courier management software will help you understand the areas where your business needs to enhance and keep a seamless and sustainable delivery operation. 

A courier management software deals with last mile operations. This involves scheduling on-demand deliveries, assigning them to couriers with specific skill sets, offering them the best route-optimized plans, continuous tracking of the parcel, and obtaining customer feedback on delivery. While the entire process seems a simple flow, the courier person has to deal with multiple obstacles. This includes weather, handling of the parcel, traffic, locating the address, and the customer not being at home to receive the delivery. 

Let’s discuss in detail the challenges faced by courier companies while handling deliveries and how Transportation Management Software can solve them.

Challenges Faced By A Courier Delivery Company:

Poor Visibility on Courier Operations- Poor visibility of operations is the biggest hamper that occurs in a courier delivery company. A courier management software is the key to helping the business keep up with delivery operations to ensure no delays. 

Dependency on Manual Process- Most courier companies still handle deliveries using a manual process, which in today’s expanding eCommerce world will cause undesired effects. The use of courier dispatch software will help automate the courier deliveries and ease the operation managers’ daily operations.

Customer Experience- When a courier or a parcel is being sent, the customer always wants to have an update on the delivery details. By using a courier management software in the last mile delivery scenario, the customer gets entire visibility and tracking with ETAs of the parcel, enhancing the business operations and customers returning for placing more orders in the future. 

Cost of Operations- Managing the fleet that will cover the courier operations is a huge task. Segregating the orders based on delivery priority, location, and fleet selection will be crucial to help with an efficient solution.

Courier Delivery Challenges overcome by courier management software

The Best Courier Management Software to Overcome These Challenges:

LogiNext has come up with sophisticated courier dispatch software to help businesses meet their courier deliveries without any hassle. With the promise of faster and more efficient deliveries, you can give your customers a great experience so that they return for more.

Automated Courier Dispatching- The use of courier dispatch software will help automate the manual allocation of orders. This will help reduce delivery delays, sending couriers to the correct address, and finally, the customer has the best visibility of the courier.

Optimizing Courier Routes- Manual assignment of routes is no longer feasible as per the recent boom in the eCommerce market. A courier optimization  and route delivery software will help optimize the courier routes. This will help with sustainable deliveries, cut fuel costs, and improve fleet efficiency. 

Route Optimization in courier management software

Real-time ETA communication- As soon as the customer places an order, they need to be immediately informed about their courier delivery status. A courier delivery software will help meet real-time ETA updates to their customer via SMS or email.

Meeting Customer Delivery Times- Faster deliveries are the need for the hour and as per reports, companies that fail to offer timely deliveries are prone to be ditched by the customer. Assigning orders based on priority, and finding the optimal delivery routes will help to enhance their brand experience.

Scheduling Driver Breaks- Happy drivers will eventually lead to happy customers. Hence, a driver app that can help drivers schedule their breaks while carrying out deliveries will be a huge relief. One can schedule these breaks with minimal effect on the ETAs, and the least impact on the delivery routes.

Driver Gamification- To encourage drivers, a leaderboard can be developed to track the number of couriers delivered, on-time courier delivery, customer feedback, driver behavior analysis, and more. This will keep your fleet drivers motivated to complete more deliveries and ensure maximum fleet utilization and efficiency.


LogiNext Platform for Delivery Driver Gamification for courier management software

Analyzing Driver Performance- A courier management system will offer the best insights into all your logistics operations. With the data points collected, the courier company can adapt to the challenges faced. Eventually, this can help in setting more specific milestones, and support its drivers in achieving the company’s vision.

Customer Benefits From a Courier Management Software-

Keeping the mobile-first approach in mind, the advanced courier tracking solution offers an impeccable customer experience by-

– It offers customers real-time visibility of their courier at just a click.

– Monitor the milestones, which include branch-to-branch movements.

– Ability to change the delivery address from the tracking link.

– Access to live driver location.

– Communicate with the driver using the in-built chat feature.

– Offer feedback on the delivery experience and the product. 

Shipper and Dispatcher Benefits From a Courier Management Software-

– Enjoy visibility of the order status with fleet tracking.

– Easily update customer location from the tracking link.

– Get the courier tracking screen customized as per the brand logo, colors, and add customized web links, offers, etc.

– Configure feedback ratings and add customer feedback to rate their experience

– View and download pickup and delivery proof, relevant e-signs, and more.

If you feel your couriers are not performing to their fullest, a courier management software can come to your rescue. A courier dispatch software helps resolve field challenges that your delivery personnel are facing. This is possible by gaining insights from the data points collected. A courier management software from LogiNext will come to your rescue for timely deliveries and maximum customer experience. For a hassle-free courier tracking and management solution, speak to an expert.

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