[SupplyChainBrain Special] Catch Dinesh Dixit in conversation with Russel W. Goodman


During the recently concluded Home Delivery World Event, Senior Editor, Russel W. Goodman from SupplyChainBrain caught up with Dinesh Dixit, VP of Account Excellence, LogiNext discussing the importance of automation for home deliveries.


Right from route optimization, and assignment of orders, to real-time changes in the shifts and routes, technology has come to logistics aid as customer experience is now more crucial than ever before. Customers want to know the driver’s location, get real-time ETAs, and be able to talk directly with drivers, which all come under customer expectation and hold the key to competing in the future, says Dinesh Dixit.


Whether you are a shipper or a carrier, having these capabilities will boost your ecosystem and offer a superior customer experience. All the above requirements can be fulfilled using automation.


Catch the complete interview here:

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