Building Your Logistics Management Ramp for Your Epic Product Rides:  Product Fit vs Logistics Fit!


Field service management and logistics management have grown, as an industry, at 18% CAGR. How has this part of the economic world been immune to global market fluctuations? It’s simple. Logistics movement is an integral part of the business model of every company. You have a product or a service, you must take it to the market or bring the customer to your market. This movement is an essential element of the total value that the end customer derives from your product or service.


How Does the Logistics Management System Add Value to Your Final Output?


The world is now more inclined towards experiential value than the quantifiable value. Now, it’s about getting the right product to the right customer at the right time, and in the right manner. Having the right product for the right customer involves having an efficient product fit. Similarly, managing the right time and manner for the product handover or service execution, is to do with an efficient ‘logistics fit’.


Product fit


Product fit deals with market research, customer behavior analysis, product or service feedback analysis, and all other strategies that go into creating customer value. The ideal product fit would entail giving the right customer the right product that satisfactorily fulfills their respective needs fully.


Logistics Fit


Delivering customer value, while adding on to it, is the essence of the ‘Logistics Fit’. On-time deliveries with complete end-to-end delivery stage visibility for the client and the customer alike goes a long way in aligning expectations and deliverables within the purview of possibilities. With automated delivery allocation based on resource capacity and field workforce optimization, your product would never suffer for lack of customer reach. Optimizing your entire logistics management system, you would maximize on the wholesome value of your product.


Product Fit vs Logistics Management System Fit

Product Fit vs Logistics Management System Fit


Following scenarios can be considered as potential end-points after the amalgamation of the product and logistics fit.


Chart: Product Fit vs Logistics Management System Fit

Chart: Product Fit vs Logistics Management System Fit


Logistics management system, hence is the ramp for your product rides. A broken or misaligned ramp, would never give enough lift or height to your success. It might even end up with damaging your product. Any company, in the current customer driven market, knows the power of product development. However, similar attention must be given to the development of the logistics management system. Then, and only then, can the company have a sustainable profit line-up for the present and the future.



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