ASEAN Countries Rapidly Adopting SaaS Logistics Management Solution


The world is developing at lightning speed. From Jack Ma being invited by the Indonesian government to big tech acquisitions, we have noticed an everlasting trend of tech transformations. To match up with the pace, right technological backbone has become inevitable for the logistics management industries across the globe. What is the need of the hour if you may ask? It’s a highly scalable SaaS solution, that can provide comprehensive analytics with granular visibility. Yes, you need the LogiNext touch.


LogiNext Successfully Expands in ASEAN Market


ASEAN is a rapidly emerging market, highlighted in the Logistics Performing Index 2016 release by the World Bank. Evaluating these impeccable economic reforms in South-East countries, LogiNext has taken a step further to empower the enterprises here by offering a range of the best end-to-end SaaS based logistics management software. With a strong presence in Singapore and Hongkong, we are swiftly expanding operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. So far, LogiNext has acquired 638 customers across various industries and enabled them to save more than $18 million with approximately 10% added efficiency to their businesses.

With Continuous Innovation, LogiNext is amongst the Top 100 List of Red Herring Asia


Red Herring Asia Top 100 Logistics Management

Red Herring Asia Top 100 Logistics Management


Observing the disruptive impact of our awesome products, we have been named amongst the 100 most innovative startup from NetApp, CIO, Aegis Graham Bell Awards. This marks LogiNext’s amazing journey from a start-up to a successful enterprise, stepping into the realm of the best 100 Asian Companies recognized by Red Herring. Large organisations like Google, Facebook, Kakao, Alibaba, Twitter, Rakuten,, Xiaomi and YouTube went through the same journey. In fact, Red Herring was amongst the very few who recognised their true potential that will disrupt the way we live, work and interact.




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