4 Driver Bonus Programs That Result In Improved Fleet Dispatch

4 Driver Bonus Programs That Result In Improved Fleet Dispatch

In the competitive landscape of ridesharing and delivery services, driver experience is paramount. It not only affects driver retention but also directly impacts the quality of service provided to customers. One effective strategy that companies have employed to improve driver satisfaction is showcasing bonuses directly on the driver app. The addition of a driver bonus can have profound effects on driver motivation, engagement, and overall experience.


Case Study: How did LogiNext improve driver performance in the trucking industry?

Driver Bonus Transparency Builds Their Trust

Displaying driver bonuses prominently within the driver app fosters transparency. When drivers are aware of the various incentives, payouts, and rewards available to them, they feel more valued and respected by the company. Transparency breeds trust, and when drivers trust the platform they work for, they are more likely to remain loyal and committed.


42% of drivers want visibility of bonuses/ incentives to be included in the driver app.

Driver Motivation and Goal Setting

Human psychology suggests that clear goals and incentives drive motivation. By showcasing the driver bonus within the driver app, companies provide drivers with tangible targets to work towards. Whether it’s achieving a certain number of completed trips, maintaining a high rating, or meeting specific performance metrics, having these bonuses visible acts as a constant motivator for drivers to strive for excellence.


Drivers who receive regular feedback on their progress toward these goals are 63% more likely to feel motivated.

Real-Time Driver Feedback

Incorporating the driver bonus directly into the driver app creates a real-time feedback loop. Drivers can track their progress towards earning incentives and adjust their strategies accordingly. For example, if a driver notices they are close to qualifying for a bonus but need to complete a few more trips, they may choose to extend their driving hours or prioritize certain areas with high demand. This immediate feedback empowers drivers to make informed decisions to maximize their earnings.


Drivers who receive regular feedback show 14.9% greater productivity.

Driver Bonus Improves Driver Engagement and Satisfaction

Drivers get more into work when know they are appreciated and will get rewarded for the same. Showing bonuses and payouts on the driver app reminds them that the company values what they do. This increased engagement leads to more job satisfaction because drivers feel accomplished when they meet goals and get rewards.


Highly engaged fleets result in 21% greater profitability for businesses.

Enhanced Driver Performance and Service Quality

A motivated and satisfied workforce translates into improved performance and service quality. Drivers who are incentivized to perform well are more likely to provide excellent service to passengers or efficiently complete deliveries. This, in turn, contributes to positive customer experiences and strengthens the reputation of the ridesharing or delivery service.


Incentive programs in driver apps have shown a 22% gain in driver performance.

Types of Driver Bonuses Offered by LogiNext

Our bonus module can help offer incentives to all or specific delivery associates. Some of the rewards can be based on-


– Completing a set number of pickups/deliveries.
– Fulfilling a certain number of orders with a specific skill set or of a certain minimum order value.

Achievement Bonus:

Your delivery associates will be rewarded based on the completion of a set target within a specified duration. Furthermore, achievement bonuses can be set for a weekly duration.


Delivery Driver Incentive Programs


Example: 1) Configure a flat rate for the completion of certain orders.
2) Set bonus amount after completion of fixed bonus orders.


For a fixed duration,
Let the flat rate be $100 to complete 1-200 deliveries.
After 200, orders each order gets $5. 


So, if the delivery associates complete 194 orders within the fixed duration, he is guaranteed $100.


If he completes 210 orders within the fixed duration, he will get $150. ($100 as the fixed rate and $50 for 10 extra orders completed successfully.)

Time-Bound Bonus:

Here, the delivery associates get bonuses based on completing periodic tasks. Additionally, time-bound bonuses can be set for a weekly duration.


Truck Driver Bonus Program


– Per order rate for completing 5-10 orders: $5


– Flat rate for completing 11-20 orders: $10


– Per order rate for completing 21+ orders: $7


Then, in that week, every day, as soon as a delivery associate completes the 5th order, they will unlock $5, followed by $5 for every subsequent order till the 10th order. 


If they complete anywhere between 11 to 20 orders on the same day, they will unlock an additional $10. 


If they complete even more orders on the same day, they will unlock an additional $7 for the 21st order, $7 more for the 22nd order, and so on.


Say, if a delivery associate completes 22 orders on Day 1 during the one-week duration, they would unlock a total of $54.

Event-Based Bonus:

Delivery associates get paid for completing targets on specific days and between specific timings within the duration of the bonus. Moreover, they can be configured for a one-week duration and a daily frequency.


Best Driver Incentive Program

Event Days: Saturday and Sunday


– From 08:00


– To: 16:00


– Bonus Slab: Flat rate for completing 10+ orders: $10


If the frequency is set as daily- 


Here the drivers will get a $10 bonus for each day on completion of 10+ orders. So, $20 for 2 days.


However, if the frequency is get as weekly-


The drivers will get only $10 for work on both days.

Guaranteed Earnings:

This type of driver bonus ensures delivery associates earn a certain minimum amount of money for completing a specific target. Furthermore, it’s calculated at the end of a specific frequency. It collaborates with a delivery associate’s Rate Profile to guarantee they receive a minimum amount for reaching a specific target.


Truck Driver Bonus Program Incentive


Example: You configure a Guaranteed Earnings Bonus for a one-year duration, with a Weekly frequency, with Bonus Slabs as:


– Flat rate for completing 80-100 orders: $1000


– Flat rate for completing 101+ orders: $1000


Then, for each week of the year, based on a delivery associate’s branch timezone, if they have completed a minimum of 80 orders and their earnings from orders (as determined by their Rate Profile) fall below $1000 for the week (let’s say $850), they would receive the remaining amount as a bonus (i.e., $150). Moreover, it’s essential to clarify that the Guaranteed Earnings Bonus considers only the order earnings calculated according to the Rate Profile, excluding any other bonuses the delivery associate may receive. If there are no applicable Rate Profiles, the delivery associate will receive the entire Guaranteed Earnings Bonus based on the Bonus Slab corresponding to their earnings level.


Note- Achievement, Time-Bound, and Event Bonuses are calculated in real-time. However, Guaranteed Earnings are calculated at the end of the specified frequency. Additionally, each bonus is calculated independently of other bonuses.

Where can Drivers View their Bonuses? LogiNext Driver App

The LogiNext Driver App showcases the entire amount earned by the delivery associate in the Payout tab. Driver get access to bonus gained on a daily basis and also get details of their historic collection.


Payouts = Amount earned as Bonuses + Amount earned as Per-Order Earnings.


Real-time Driver Bonus Screen


Historic Driver Bonus Screen

Driver Bonus For Enhanced Fleet Dispatch

Showcasing the driver bonus directly on the driver app is a simple yet effective strategy for improving the overall driver experience. By fostering transparency, providing motivation, creating a real-time feedback loop, enhancing engagement, and ultimately boosting performance, companies can cultivate a loyal and satisfied driver base. In an industry where driver satisfaction directly correlates with customer satisfaction, prioritizing the needs and motivations of drivers is essential for long-term success. Click on the red button below to end your fleet dispatch voes.



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