4 Key Post and Parcel Takeaways from SPL


Last Mile Delivery is one of the hottest segments in logistics currently. To share insights and initiate a detailed discussion, at LogiNext, we’ve launched the Final Mile Vodcast where we invite the stalwarts from the logistics and supply chain industry to interact with the award-winning host, Timothy Dooner. In this post, we share insights from SPL Deputy CEO, Dr. Fadi. Having joined the organization over two and a half years ago, Dr. Fadi looks after multiple programs like the strategic transformation program, program management, corporation excellence, and various commercial aspects.



Importance of Delivery professionals in the logistics industry

Dr. Fadi believes that delivery professionals are one of the major players in the logistics industry. The pandemic was a major challenge for SPL, but they were able to navigate successfully through it because they were able to not only provide prompt deliveries but also because SPL ensured the safety of their delivery professionals. We were also able to help the health ministry by being able to send medication to doorsteps for minimal people contact.


What should the delivery space look forward to in the future?
Dr. Fadi believes that the delivery space is going to only grow further moving ahead. Though this is a great sign, it also comes with its own set of consumer expectations like the speed of delivery, consistency, convenience, access, and reliability in providing those speedy services, and last but most importantly being pocket friendly for consumers.

When you deliver goods, you are not only delivering goods, but you are also delivering happiness to people’s homes is what he thinks- Dr. Fadi.
The increasing role of automation in the logistical space

Dr. Fadi believes that SPL has already realized the importance of introducing automation to their business and allots as much as 16% of their expenditures on automation which involves tech and digital enhancements. Asides from automation, you might also need robotics, EV’S, and drones to help out with Last Mile Services. Repurposing our staff to new roles and helping them get the task completed smartly, efficiently, and effectively before automation will ensure there remains a proper balance for Last Mile Delivery services.

Role of Automation in SPL for Last Mile Delivery Service

We are players in the phygital space, as even though the ordering process has become digital, delivery is still something that is physical and SPL believes it lies at the intersection of these two functions- Dr. Fadi.


How is SPL planning for the automation wave in the logistics industry?

Dr. Fadi shares how SPL has made investments in the research and development of drone-based delivery implementation, as these are not far off from being implemented, though he still feels challenges like drone traffic management and security need to be addressed in this space. SPL also has plans for creating state-of-the-art facilities and automating a lot of their processes which is something that they’ve already started working on.


At SPL, there has been a significant rise in the delivery partners from 750-800 to 1400+ at present. With an expansion predicted of 2800+ in the next year and a half. We also rely on third parties for outsourcing or crowdsourcing during sales and other seasonal spikes observed. By 2025, we would be hoping to implement our state-of-the-art facilities, with automation robots playing a major role. Dr. Fadi would certainly state that his team and SPL TEAM is resilient and passionate which has helped them sail through these tough times.


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