Seamless Last Mile Delivery Technology for Retail and eCommerce

Let’s start with the pun! Seamless is a grand technology conference on Retail, eCommerce and FinTech held in several locations across the globe. Here’s team LogiNext at Seamless Dubai:

LogiNext @ seamless Dubai

At the event this year, LogiNext VP Dhaval Thanki delivered a talk on the most important eCommerce trend of the current times:

How is Technology Changing the Face of Last Mile Delivery

One of the biggest change over the last couple of years has been around how online commerce has evolved along with shifting consumer preferences. From food delivery within 30 minutes to quick retail commerce in minutes, the boundaries of optimization are being pushed and this is where the entire technology piece fits in.

LogiNext is a three pronged delivery automation platform

As shown above, the entire delivery optimization software has three personas: the store which can be a retail outlet or a QSR or a warehouse, then there is the driver who is delivering the orders and then there is the final end customer for whom all of this is being done. Watch this video to see how exactly technology is playing a role over here with last mile delivery, route planning, route optimization, fleet management and such areas:

Some of the salient features of the LogiNext platform are as follows:

AI and ML magic for your order allocation

Magical order allocation: Set your parameters and let the LogiNext MILE platform automatically schedule the orders into trips with maximum efficiency.

Do what Google Maps can’t: LogiNext’s advanced route optimization algorithms helps you manage thousands of orders and multiple stops for the most efficient route plans.

A Sleek and Modern End Customer Experience

Digital signs with ePOD: Electronic Proof of Delivery has become the new normal after the pandemic, integrate the latest ePOD system to ensure seamless digital sign processes.

Happy customers, happy you! We’re laser-focused on the end customer and have built several tools and features with a modern UI to ensure happy end customers.

Turn Delivery Partners into Entrepreneur Heroes

Gamified DA Experience: With LogiNext’s Delivery Associate Management, have a detailed view of how delivery associates are performing and meet your SLA compliance, every time!

Hotspots and Delivery Incentives: With LogiNext features for reducing delivery costs, delivery partners turn into entrepreneurs and earn more for themselves.

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