Four features for a pandemic proof customer experience


Post-2020, E-Commerce and last-mile deliveries have undergone major growth and the pandemic has been a key driver of this trend. In this scenario, companies have had to shift their thinking when it comes to last mile deliveries. There are several new trends that enterprises have been adopting for building low contact systems and transportation automation. At LogiNext, we’ve been working with several firms like McDonald’s, BurgerKing and large retail chains to build a digital customer experience in this new normal. Here are some of the features:

1. Contextual alerts and notifications for drivers


Clear communications is very important and especially in last mile deliveries where meeting ETA SLA’s is mission critical. For this, delivery associate management comes into the picture and contextual alerts and notifications regarding dynamic order plans, special instructions from customers, reminders for following social distancing protocols and several other rules can be set. This feature helps you as an enterprise to optimise resource utilisation and improve operational excellence.


2. Driver vaccination information for customers


Vaccination alerts regarding delivery boys


Customers can be delighted by giving all information transparently to ensure their safety and security. For instance, informing the customer about whether the driver delivering their parcel is vaccinated or not adds a sense of security for the end customer and their comfort in receiving orders at their homes or offices. This contributes towards the overall customer experience along with communicating precise ETA (expected time of arrival) of parcel and notifications with respect to the order.


3. Complete visibility of parcel delivery route

Complete visibility of parcel delivery route
Gone are the days when it was sufficient to communicate only the day of delivery. Customers now expect same day deliveries and also visibility with respect to where the parcel exactly is. This visibility makes life simpler for a shipper as well because there is a complete overview of operations which helps to plan better for the future. This is one of the biggest advantages of a transportation automation platform on the cloud. It is a win win for both enterprises as well as the end customer.


4. News alerts in the brand customization section



The LogiNext platform comes with an option to custom brand your communication to the end customer. This feature can be utilised in multiple ways to communicate useful information regarding your brand or anything else which is useful to your customer. An average person checks the status of an order atleast 2-3 times after ordering an item and this gives you access to a user’s attention multiple times. This can be leveraged to improve brand loyalty by giving more value to the customer.


These are some of insights that we’ve generated and built upon to build a great customer experience. If you’re in logistics and do last mile deliveries or have a business which transports goods (B2B or B2C), transportation automation has become critical and you’re missing a great opportunity to gain your customer’s loyalty if you’re not leveraging technology for fulfilling orders.



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