Benefits of Multiple Delivery Route Planner Software

Top 6 Benefits of Using Multiple Delivery Route Planner Software for Your Delivery Business

A robust multiple-delivery route planner software has become crucial for businesses for uninterrupted on-time delivery. As the number of orders keeps increasing, to meet customer demands, planning multiple stops in a single delivery route is the key. As manual processing is time-consuming it causes delays, resulting in unsatisfied customers. Hence the need for multiple delivery routing software has been on the rise. Some of the key stats are mentioned below-


– A study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory states route optimization software can help reduce fuel consumption between 15- 30% 


– 63% of fleet managers say that route optimization is their top priority when it comes to using telematics technology.


– The global route optimization software market is projected to grow from $4.15 billion in 2020 to $8.45 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 15.3%


– Businesses can save up to $8,700 per driver per year by optimizing routes and reducing travel time.

How is multiple delivery route planner helping optimize delivery?

In the traditional delivery method, fleet managers used to plan per order and assign delivery associates to get the delivery completed. Using technology, this was done using automation. However, seeing the exponential rise in the number of orders, this method was also found inefficiency. Hence the use of advanced technology like ML and AI helps plan for multiple deliveries in a single trip. 


The multiple delivery route planner software considers several factors like order volumes, driver visibility, skill sets, delivery address, fuel efficiency, and traffic conditions. This helps the fleet manager to handle last-minute hurdles and find the fastest and most optimized route to get orders delivered on time.


The multi-stop route planner is crucial for last mile delivery as it makes business improve profits. Since drivers can handle multiple deliveries in a single trip, this helps with lower fuel consumption. Drivers that are specialized to deliver in certain geographic areas can be assigned orders to ensure faster and more efficient delivery.

Which industries benefit from using multiple delivery route planner software?

Retail and eCommerce: To match with modern delivery trends, businesses can no longer wait to get orders delivered taking a week. To meet customer expectations, retail, and eCommerce businesses are using multi-stop route planner software to help with smarter and dynamic deliveries.


Food and Beverage: The quick service restaurant has to be the biggest gainer of using multi-stop route planner software. Since businesses can handle multiple orders in a single trip, this helps them meet the guarantee of 15-30 minute delivery. Also, it helps with efficient planning and driver assignment for faster delivery.


Courier, Express, and Parcel: CEP companies make use of complete visibility and reduced fuel consumption on operations for choosing multiple delivery route planner software. Smart routing minimizes delays, keeps customers informed with accurate ETAs, and enhances fleet efficiency to get more orders delivered in a single trip.


Healthcare: Companies that help with the transportation of medical supplies to multiple locations benefit from using multiple delivery route planner software. Hospitals get to track their items being delivered in real-time and ensure delivery is completed using the most optimized routes as it can be a matter of life and death.

Benefits of multi-stop route planner software

Here’s the list of benefits that businesses can ensure using a multiple delivery route planner software


Benefits of using multiple delivery route planner software

Efficient route planning

The first step to ensure timely delivery of orders is to plan the routes to reach the destination. A multi-stop route planner software will help with planning and optimizing routes to get the delivery shared with drivers based on their vehicle type, driver skill sets, operational hours, and more.

Automates order allocation

To help fleet managers save time on the manual assignment of orders, an advanced multiple delivery route planner will get it done. Automating the order allocation to drivers helps generate optimal delivery routes at the earliest possible. The business saves time, cost, and effort to get orders allocated to its drivers.

Real-time tracking

As the visibility of orders has been a key focus in the logistics sector, multi-stop route planner software will help with real-time tracking. The customers, 3PL service providers, and fleet managers all get access to orders in real time. This keeps track of any delays and relays customers with revised ETAs with the reasoning for the delays. 

Improves deliveries per trip

The main reason for enterprises moving to multi-stop route planner software is to improve the number of deliveries per trip. The software will configure the routes considering multiple factors such as delivery time, traffic conditions, number of stops, historical data, and more.

Improves sustainability

The latest trend that has caught the attention of logistics providers is sustainable deliveries. As multiple delivery route planner software helps manage the fleet using maximum capacity, increasing the number of orders delivered per trip, and reducing fuel consumption. This helps the company achieve its sustainability SLA while meeting customer requirements.

Improves customer experience

Since the deliveries are completed on time, there is constant communication with the driver and customer, and ETAs are updated in real-time, this helps improve customer experience. And happier customers lead to better trust and customer retention for enhancing profits.  


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