How We Consumerized our Enterprise Software for the Toughest Market in the World

-By Sagnik Ghosh

There was a time when businesses commanded how technology was built. They dictated the commandments, they structured the rules, and they demanded functions galore, yet they did not care about design. This in turn led to software that was awkward, bulky, and overloaded with features only a few users could handle. These people were called “power users”. Today, we stand on the threshold of a revolution in the realm of enterprise software.

In an age where every sphere of life is influenced by technology for any individual, everyone Is a power user. We live in a time when it is imperative for technology to adapt to the needs of the end user. Consumerization calls for the age-old enterprise software to evolve. Organizations need to reinvent and redefine the user experience for technology to closely resemble and be relatable to consumer applications.

The logistics industry has not been bereft of enterprise software solutions which are truly counter-intuitive in the sense that the average consumers or employees feel more creative and vested in the environments of their personal consumer software applications or even paperwork that they do in the enterprise software suites they come across at work. In an industry that is riddled with complexities in operation, it becomes all more important for software to mitigate the workload of an employee rather than enhance it.

So, Consumerization? Been There Done That…

In highly unorganized markets (e.g. the logistics sector in the Asian Market) it becomes even more difficult to introduce technology solutions that would not only ease the workload on employees but also introduce some semblance of organizational workflow into a haphazard operational process. Solutions offered by LogiNext have been created to tackle all hurdles that plague even the most difficult market in the world. With systems that can easily interact with any back-end, seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, and a user experience that is unmatched and unseen in enterprise software. LogiNext has revolutionized the way enterprise software can help organizations. Handling multiple geographies, unparalleled scale and impediments that are even local to specific regions, LogiNext enterprise software has been built to deal with any form of obstruction point that may cause a roadblock in your business process.

Software solutions designed by LogiNext are based on the core principle of increasing and optimizing productivity. To develop a product that would align with the modern user’s habit of engaging in interfaces that are fun and easy to use, we focused on certain areas:

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  • Real-Time Updates: Usually, employees do not work in silos. Collaboration is core to the most critical employee workflows. Loss of data across departments has been a consistent problem across industries. The leakage of information between employees on the ground and employees in the office creates major stumbling points when it comes to the analysis of company performance. It is essential that modern enterprise tools today communicate seamlessly and as close to real-time as possible across all platforms. LogiNext software is built to provide instant updates and real-time information. The software captures numerous data points for every transaction in order to provide customers with an in-depth analysis of their business and help them make decisions based on actual knowledge of ground realities which was previously inaccessible.
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  • Optimized Workflow: Every enterprise wants to achieve the highest output possible. Increasing productivity and maximizing resource utilization is essential to any flourishing enterprise. The new-age organization is heaping resources to figure out a way that would not only reduce the time it took for employees to execute core tasks but also do so optimally. Developers at LogiNext did not just focus solely on the number of tasks that could be performed, a lot of time, energy, and thought were also invested in working out how fast and efficient an employee will be while performing tasks using the software.
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      • Frictionless experience across systems: If we consider the logistics sector, the system that an employee uses at the office is often remote and disconnected from its on-field counterparts. Thus, organizations are overwhelmed by extended wait times, complex user experience, and operation executives who are regularly unable to sync their systems with the end user application. At LogiNext, our focus has always been on churning out a seamless experience that works both internally and externally, removing productivity barriers and delay points.
Get seamless eperience across systems
  • A Great Mobile UX: A strong mobile presence is currently an inevitability for any software application. Every individual today owns a mobile device. It is also seen that on a personal level, people share a greater association with their mobile devices than their PCs. The time spent is also significantly higher! Even if we view it from a purely statistical stand, mobile phone sales have seen a meteoric rise and are dwarfing sales of all other devices. With over 4 billion connected devices and projections of the number exceeding the 6 billion mark soon, LogiNext’s modern enterprise software moves with the employees. All products by LogiNext can be effortlessly accessed across multiple devices.
A simple UX for easier reading
  • Brevity in Simplicity: The constant complaint against enterprise software has been that they are tedious to use. Complicated and confusing to say the least, enterprise software had a requirement of logging in for many man-hours before an employee could be assured of any form of workable acquaintance. LogiNext designed software has an incredibly easy-to-use interface that is instantly recognizable and highly navigable.

At LogiNext we grasped the fact that enterprise software applications do not have to be confined to the capabilities of a few experts. We comprehended that enterprise software does not have to be agonizingly sluggish and prohibitively heavy. We understood that the scope of enterprise software does not have to be curbed and constricted to a desktop, rather it should have the freedom to move seamlessly across any device and integrate into any platform. We analyzed that components with real-time social interfaces which help streamline peer-to-peer communication can be built into an enterprise software solution. Most importantly we realized that the user experience does NOT have to suck! A clear understanding of the market demands and user psychology helped our team make informed decisions and develop products that are intuitive, mobile, neat, collaborative, and easy to use.

SaaS-based solutions providers will not only have to design software that is fast, intelligent, and easy to use but it must also be visually appealing and resonate with the environment of a consumer software product. Financial feats and commercial gains will ultimately depend on the level of “stickiness” these applications are able to achieve. Enterprise Software needs to register itself in the mind of an employee as an ally and a friend. People must look at it as one’s everyday companion for getting things done. The path to success would ultimately lie in keeping employees content, invested, and enthused for even the most progressive and ground-breaking organizations.

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