Are you Watching Your Field Workforce properly? Get your Binoculars!


Many industry experts have stated that their field workforce management leaves them with a lot to desire for. As we know the first step to effective field service management is getting the right person for the work. Once you have that, things should be a cakewalk, but it often isn’t. Why does this happen? And what can you do avoid that?

Four Simple Words: Field Workforce Management Software


Technology can play the role of a bridge between the potential of your workforce and the final productive output. The main takeaway from any field workforce management planning is to boost the efficiency of the field agents and their resultant conversion power.


Imagine that your field professional, such as your sales executive or your maintenance service professional, walks into a meeting for a predestined task and you immediately know the likelihood of a successful outcome. This goes beyond just training. It is about training and direction. Getting the right person with the right set of skill, on-time at the right destination, with the right solution. Apart from some unforeseen occurrence, your field professional would most probably perform exceedingly well.


How does this work? It’s simple, it’s about visibility, planning, control, direction, and execution. All these things can be streamlined through a good field workforce management software.


Plan, Track, and Direct Your Field Workforce to Excellence


This is the secret recipe for the success of your field professionals. First, you plan.


  1. Find all the skill sets of each of your field workforce.
  2. Factor in all the skills required to perform the different tasks associated with your business.
  3. Chart the cost-time-value of your field workforce.


Then you schedule.


  1. Record all sales or service appointments into the system.
  2. Deploy the appropriate appointment or task to the right agent.


At this point, we need to establish the difference technology, and more importantly, the technology of someone like LogiNext who has been heralded as the leading name in field workforce management, make in boosting the accuracy and legitimacy of your planning.


Strategic Initiative Technology Intervention
Find all the skill sets of each of your field workforce. Structure and map all the skills of your workforce into a scalable and comprehensive database.
Factor in all the skills required to perform the different tasks associated with your business. Create an intuitive and graded report about all possible use-cases and all their permutations.
Chart the cost-time-value of your field workforce. Calculate the exact expense of each movement initiated by any of your field agents factoring in all fixed and variable costs.
Record all sales or service appointments into the system. Construct an agile and efficient schedule for all the tasks and appointments with a focus on optimizing all interlinking traveling involved therewith.
Deploy the appropriate appointment or task to the right agent. Utilize the progressive algorithm in your field workforce management software to associate the right professional with the appropriate task.


Technology intervention helps associate the best deal or task with the field agent best suited to serve it.


Now, You Get Your Binoculars Out. It’s Time for Real-time Tracking and Optimization.


It’s all about reaching the right client at the right moment. Your field agent should not be stuck in traffic before a key meeting. Any delay here could be critical in terms of the overall image of your company. It could also jeopardize the probability of successful conversion or service fulfillment.


You can make sure your field workforce reaches the client at the right time by optimizing their routes appropriately. LogiNext’s field workforce management software proactively reads traffic and weather patterns in the destination area and suggests the most optimized route that the field agent should take. This way, not only does the field agent reach the meeting at the pre-set time, but by keeping on schedule, they increase the chances of reaching all following meetings right on time.


As they are on the field, you can supervise all the information coming through LogiNext’s feedback capture mechanism. Hence, the company can react in quick time to enable quick decision making by the field agent. All these things add to the overall efficiency and productivity of the processes, increasing the overall conversion ratio.


With such successful automation and visibility, your field workforce can destress themselves from all the invoicing and expense maintenance drills. As all their efforts are transparent and ideal, they can feel free to concentrate on furnishing the best service rather than thinking about their next task.


LogiNext’s field workforce management software gives you the necessary insights, analytics, and predictive power to create a realistic and, at the same time, ambitious forecasting mechanism for all your future sales and service plans.


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